University Assignments for Sale: A Pure Fraud or the Way to Success


The question about the problem of university essay writing service is argued in different countries by diverse psychologists and sociologists. Some structure their opinion on professors’ and lecturers’ doubts about the quality of students’ academic training. Nevertheless, there is another mind, of new liberal scientists in the psychological sphere.  Let’s be objective and investigate this question from both points of view. Apart from that, we will identify what major papers are the most common to pay for writing and the reasons for this phenomena.

University Papers Online and Professors’ Indignation

What are the main questions bothering lecturers at colleges and universities about the current university level education? Why do undergraduates fail to write college essays and other papers by themselves? Is the writing service the best way? Here is the table that will help to understand the situation nowadays.

Matters of concern

Possible reasons

Possible solutions

Cheating on writing assignments, essays and exams

  • Students do not realize the difference in help and plagiarism;
  • Learners can blame unfair tests or exams after writing them;
  • They cannot keep up the material because of poor educational skills;
  • Competition with other students;
  • They are more concerned about grades than about knowledge.
  • Checking any student’s college essay a tutor should use a non-prejudicial approach, assume that students may get some help in writing, but the ideas of their college essays, they enlighten, are personal. It will encourage them;
  • Sometimes tests can be ambivalent, and teachers should try to avoid it, in order not to confuse students;
  • They may use university assignments online service to order the essay writing not because they want to cheat, but because they are afraid of failure, lecturers ought to give them a second chance;
  • Students appear under enormous pressure from the very beginning of an academical year, and they desperately want to make it in time. Professors ought to provide them with some space at least at the beginning.  

Students cannot use their theoretical knowledge in practice

  • Students do not know how to apply their knowledge because nobody showed them how;
  • The wrong focus;
  • They rely on keys and help from their lecturers or friends.
  • They are trying to write essays exactly accordingly to the model that tutors gave them. So, last ones should try to be more patient and do not mark them badly from the maiden attempt and not to take the desire to learn how from them, but help to develop their writing skills and others;
  • Professors should help them to focus not on the purpose but the principle of process;
  • Tutors do not need to give them more than they need to get and leave the space for their critical thinking.

Confusion about research and essay writing in colleges and universities

  • Students give up very early getting disappointed with the fist difficulty in writing;
  • They cannot define the initial information for their essay or other college paper to write;
  • They do not have necessary knowledge and skills from the very beginning to write any college paper.
  • Tutors must be psychologists to some extent to be able to inspire students and to make them believe in their skills;
  • Give them as many detailed instructions to write papers as possible so that they could meet the instructions easily;
  • Be patient and understanding as they have numerous other assignments to write.


The lack of critical thinking

  • Misunderstanding of the context during writing;
  • Evaluation and selection of resources;
  • They cannot apply critical thinking to their writing reports, researches, essays, and other papers;
  • They are afraid to be criticized by the professor, so the task to write an essay seems difficult.
  • At first, teachers ought to try to explain what the ‘critical thinking’ means for them;
  • Mention what the resources are reliable for tutors and what are not, what can be a basis to write a paper and what cannot;
  • Try to show professor’s personal example, the objective opinion to their own essay, article or college paper;
  • Cheer them up that nobody will disagree with the opinion they write in their university and college essays or other papers. Moreover, as a mentor, you will appreciate it.

The Reasons Why Students do not Write University Research Papers

The disturbances of the professors and lecturers are more or less understandable, but talking about students’ points of view is much harder. The reasons students order college essays writing service or any other paper writing service online can vary from psychological and mental to physical ones. Papers they write can be poorly structured; undergraduates can write with poor grammar or use wrong words in writing. They can write a paper losing the main idea.

Badly Written Paper
  • A lot of undergraduates apply for essay writing services explaining they are too stressed and depressed to do it by themselves. They find it easier to buy several college essays and spend two or three pleasant evenings with their friends or relatives than spend sleepless nights writing these papers.
  • Sometimes, love problems appear on the way, each of us has been in that place. When you have butterflies in your stomach or, on the contrary, your heart is broken, you cannot help doing anything except thinking about it. And this is the proper time for essay writing help. To order the service that will write your paper and just pay for it seems to be the easiest way not to fail everything.
  • There are also cases that are too trivial to name. Nevertheless, a student may be simply not interested in the subject he/she has, or he/she may have some misunderstanding and mutual hostility with the professor. They will gladly buy a paper in such situation, realizing that a writer will write it perfectly, and an undergraduate will avoid a new conflict with a tutor.
  • But the most common reason for paying to the essay writer is the lack of time because according to the recent statistics more than 50% of today’s students are working to pay for their education as tuition fees have risen by 200%. So, when can they write their papers? The service that writes those papers for them really helps not exacerbate the situation. And the can buy it anytime they need, especially that they pay an affordable price.

College Essay Writing Service is Help, Not a Fraud

Students get their knowledge under any circumstances regardless of the fact if the online writing service exists or not. Of course, those are hardworking people who have aims and goals in lives.  This service is just a personal assistant at college or university for their purposes. The most popular papers to buy are essays, researches, assignments and other college papers, and just for the reason of saving time or health. They surely prepare for classes and know the subject, anyway get ready for the exams and pass them. But if we take into account students who are behind the group and do not seek for success or knowledge or even a good future, so not a single writer from the online essay writing service will help. These undergraduates buy this essays simply not to write them. They do not need this service to spare time or health and do something useful, and they do not want to write their essays and papers, so they turn to writing services. And nobody can make them change their minds except them personally.

The conclusion for this question is still open and will be for a while. Nevertheless, professors should appreciate hardworking students more and not consider their papers plagiarized or unfair only because they used a little help; pay attention to the learners and their mood, believe in them and encourage to write papers.

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