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Our essay writing service provides all kinds of writing related tasks. Your college essay can be written from scratch, reviewed, corrected, rewritten, supported with additional quotes and references, etc. Multiple payment methods and currencies are supported. Loyal customers can make full use of our discount system.

The general Pricing Policy is designed in such a way that every customer of our paper writing service can choose the most appropriate option for themselves. Choose a degree – the applicable price becomes higher, the higher the degree is. Deadline and approximate word number setting also influences it: urgent and sizeable papers will be more expensive. Additional editor’s service adds up 30% to a total calculated price. Additional revisions, paper summaries, Turnitin reports are also available for considerably low prices. Though all custom services are pre-paid, you are guaranteed that such kinds of situations where you have accidentally paid twice or your custom essay writing was not delivered to you in time, are rare and are quickly resolved to most of your advantage. It is possible to start off a Dispute to proceed to righteous decision upon your case. Make sure you set a viable deadline for the specified kind of writing work.

Note that clients from EU and UK pay additional 20% VAT.

Sometimes delivered school essay do not seem satisfactory to our client – this happens about 4% of all the cases – then it is possible to negotiate a partial or even full refund. There are strict rules that state in which cases money can be given back. All-round the clock support eases your experience with our custom essay writing service – feel free to ask for clarifications.

When Should You Order Writing from Scratch?

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The most popular service at our essay website is, undeniably, writing from scratch. When you are selecting it among the others in the tab of types of services you should expect a non-plagiarized essay or any other type of paper written from zero. So if you come to our custom essay writing service with a demand “Write my essay” or “Write my paper” you are to pick this type of service.

In fact, writing from scratch provides the customer with a very wide range of facilities. Even if you are not sure about the right choice, in most cases, you will need writing from scratch in order to get your school essay. Here are some of the tasks that seem to be boundary regarding the essay writing service to select but, indeed, they need to be written from scratch:

  1. Summarizing: in case you have a written 10-page paper and you need to get a 2-page one out of it with the same content but shortened, the writer will have to write it from scratch as they cannot just cut off the parts of your paper but need to write an original essay so it flows and looks coherent.
  2. Reflection: imagine that there is a story which you are to read and explicate your own thoughts on it. Though, you will use a lot of details from the original essay you will be to write your assignment that reveals your personal reflections on the topic given.
  3. Extending an existing college essay: when you have written your own college essay but it appears to be too short and you want some areas to be complemented with an additional content the right choice is writing from scratch. Sometimes, you might feel that the correct writing service is rewriting but in fact, the writer will have to work with fresh materials and come up with the original pieces of the paper.
  4. Outline: if you have a ready school essay but an outline is missing, we will be glad to assist you with this task. Remember to select writing from scratch type of service, since our experts will use your paper as an additional material only and still will have to write a new page or two depending on your requirements.
  5. Multiple choice questions / tasks: We are often getting the request from our clients not only to write their essay but also to write tests for them. This kind of assignment has a different pricing though it is considered as writing from scratch. Contact our customer support representative in order to get the price quote calculated and additional payment link sent.

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What if You Have Your College Essay Written and Need It to Be Redone?

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Writing essays is a task which you can often deal with buy your own. However, the paper which is done by the students without a professional help may look not perfect. Some details like a good flow, correct wording or right grammar structures might be missing. For such cases, our service offers you to pay essays to be adjusted. Here are some options to select.

Type of service Details


This service is meant for the lightest changes needed for your writing essays. The mistakes that will be fixed when you place an order for proofreading are grammar, style, spelling and punctuation ones.


When you write your paper and are not sure if it looks good enough for submission you should better let us do some polishing. Editing service ordered at our essay writing website will let you get up to 30% of your draft changed according to your requirements or modern academic standards.


Selecting a rewriting type of service will mean that the attached draft will be changed to a large extent – 70% of it can be modified. Rewriting is picked by our customers when they have comments from their professor for a revision. Also, if your draft contains some plagiarism and you are willing to have the original essay instead of it you can select this type of service.

Points to consider:

  • Despite the type of service you select, you have to indicate the correct number of pages to write. Please, remember that one double spaced page contains 275 words and one single spaced page has 550 words. The word count of the draft should be checked and the correct number of pages according to it must be mentioned in the order form.
  • In case our customer support notices any issues or errors in the essay writing order form that the customer submits that will be clarified and fixed as soon as possible so the client can receive a perfect custom essay written within the deadline.

Business Writing: Types of Papers Ordered

Our writing professionals can deal not only with academic writing but also will help you to write papers for business purposes for a cheap price. Therefore, if you have letter to write or need to get a brilliant resume for your job application, select a business writing type of service. Here are the most popular types of papers that you can buy:

  1. Cover letter (or any other type of a letter). A cover letter is typically written and sent together with an application for a job, grant or scholarship. It must briefly explain your reasons for applying and indicate why you are a special and the best candidate.
  2. Content writing. Do you need a blog post, article or a promo text for your website or any other resource? Our essay writing service will work effectively to make your content look awesome.
  3. CV/Resume. This piece of writing is unavoidable when you plan to apply for a job or a scholarship. It has to include a range of your personal details which you will need to share with the writer. However, you should not be worried about your confidentiality: once you ask us to write your paper we will protect you with our Privacy Policy.

Our Extras for the Flawless Custom Essay

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Our essay writing service delivers some extra features which you cannot find at any other custom essay website. They are located at the bottom of the order form and should be selected by the customer if they want to make sure of the ordered custom essay level. Here is the list of the extra features to fulfill your demand “write my essay” according to the highest standards.

  1. Writer's category.

    Our essay writing service offers one category of the writer which is free and you do not have to pay additionally – “Best available” writer. It means that we will assign the specialist qualified in your selected area, which is available at the moment.

    When you pick the writer of Advanced or ENL category you will have to pay extra 25% or 30% and will be able to get your work written by one of our Top writers or a professional writer who is a native speaker of English.

  2. Writer’s samples. It is crucial to know in advance what to expect from the product that you pay for. The customer is able to get an assurance of the custom essay quality buying a writer’s sample which is one of the previous works of the writer assigned for the order.
  3. Turnitin report. One of the most popular among “write my paper” customer’s requests is a plagiarism-free paper. We do check every work before a delivery through our own plagiarism detector but the most precise results can be obtained through Turnitin system exceptionally. For this reason, we have added this feature to the list of options which one is able to buy. Keep in mind that your essay writing is in safe even if you get this kind of report from us as we are using the software that does not save the submitted papers to the database, thus, they will not be shown as plagiarized.
  4. Summary of the paper. This feature will let you have your paper summarized in a page or less. Usually, summaries are ordered as abstracts or a short review for a lengthy paper.
  5. Editor’s service. In order to be 100% sure that your paper is accurate you can get an exclusive facility to get your product fixed after a completion. After the work is written, our professional Editor will check it and ascertain that it corresponds to all the requirements given and there are no grammar, punctuation or spelling mistakes; all words are used correctly and the work is done coherently.

Pay Less – Get a Discount!

When you decide to write your essays with our company we understand your desire to buy our services for a fair price. Due to this, we have set the prices which are the cheapest at the market of custom essay writing. What is more, our clients are able to get even better offers and pay less than others. We have developed a discount policy that allows everyone who buys essays with us getting a promo code for a price adjustment.

How to get a discount?

Unlike other essay writing services, we do not oblige our customers to buy a certain number of essays or write an exact amount of pages with us to be awarded with the discount. If you feel that the price to write your essay is not affordable for you – just ask one of our customer support representatives to help you with a discount code.

Moreover, we are glad to provide our loyal customers with the higher discounts that we regularly give to everyone. In case you have had a number of essays with us and need a better offer to write your paper feel free to send an email to us and the Manager will review your request.

Also, we provide our customers with the seasonal and holidays offers – these are the promo codes which are sent in emails. Thus, check up your email box regularly in order not to miss a good discount from our essay writing service. Usually, this kind of promo codes are active within the limited time only, hence, one should order essays for the best price promptly.

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