Your Money Back with No Problems at All

These provisions and guarantees for the moneyback option have been based on the idea that business prescience is a feature of a high quality and professional writing service. That is why we have considered any possible situation for the refund and worked out the best solution for each of them. So you can stay confident about your every cent.

In What Cases Do We Guarantee the Refund by Default?  

We have foreseen several particular cases when our company’s online service is obliged to compensate the sum paid by the customer.

Double Order

If our service system has recorded that you have placed two identical orders, the full sum of the unwanted order will be issued back to you as soon as possible.

Double Payment

If by mistake you have paid twice for the ordered paper and our system has confirmed the second-time payment, the whole sum of money will be returned to you at our earliest convenience. 


Although we always do our best to find a reliable expert who could complete your assignment professionally and promptly, still we have to admit that there may be some cases when no available writer for the set deadline can be found. If it happens so, you will be informed by our supporter at once, and the 100% compensation will be provided. Besides, you will be granted a discount for the next order with us.

Delivery Delay

The delivery of your paper may be delayed if we have not received the inquired information from you on time. In order to avoid such kind of nuisance, we recommend that you should provide all required files and clarifications promptly. The percentage of the refund can be discussed with our supporters and issued only upon your personal request.

Please pay your attention to the fact that the payment for any additional service cannot be refunded.

What Is the Procedure for Opening a Moneyback Dispute?

As you are considering to open a compensation dispute, please take into account that you should adhere to two main regulations. According to them only, your demand can be accepted and met by our company’s Dispute Department.  

  • Firstly, you should have transparent, valid and strong reasons to demand the refund.
  • Secondly, regardless of the case, a moneyback request is available during 10 working days after the very first delivery.

Provided that you have rational arguments to base your demand on, you can contact our supporters 24/7 by phone or via live chat and explain the situation to them. After that your request will be rendered to the representatives of our Dispute Department. After it has been confirmed, you will be given the special e-mail address to send your details of the issue to and get it resolved as soon as possible.

Is Any Refund Possible If I Need to Cancel My Order?    

Please note that you can cancel your order as long as you have informed us about the reason for this decision.

  • Up to 70% of the total sum can be compensated if your writer has started to work on your assignment, and not more than the half of the time set for its completion has passed.
  • Up to 30% can be returned if more than the half of the time set for your paper completion has passed.

Any kind of compensation is not possible after the work on the order is finished completely.

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