Short Essays: Tips for Writing

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The most common task for college and school students is writing short essays on different topics: nature, politic, art or even medicine. It depends on your major subjects and teacher’s desire. In some cases, the major theme may be controversial and unusual. Usually, requirements for such papers are not as strict and complicated as for the average research report. As a rule, creativity and specific approach are welcome. However, some significant instructions exist anyway. You have to be aware of them if you want to get an excellent mark for your paper. Unfortunately, the majority of students find that short essay is very easy to write and it can be done in 10 minutes. It leads to disappointment after the professor checks their papers: there are lots of mistakes as a rule. On the other hand, some teenagers spend too much time to create the simplest essay, which may be done faster and better with some tips ant hints. We prepared such information for you in this article.

Pick Your Subject

It is essential to select the correct and suitable theme for your paper. This is a big part of success. It should not be too broad or complicated as you have to create a short text and will not be able to explain everything in details. So, it is better to pick a clear theme, which should not be general. For example, instead of writing about “Shakespeare’s life and creativity,” you can choose a straighter topic: “The issue of insanity in Shakespeare’s play “Hamlet.” Keep in mind that the things you write about have to be interesting for you first of all. Moreover, you have to know at least basic things about a certain issue. Only in such a case, you will be able to produce a good paper.

Prepare Some Arguments

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The next step is making some major statements, which include your own ideas and demonstrate your position on a certain issue. They should be supported by some strong arguments, at least 3 for each thesis. It is better to use scientific or other reliable sources, which are based on facts but not only someone’s thoughts. You can use statistics and diagrams as well in order to prove your opinion. On the other hand, it is possible to add some citations, but you should be aware of the academic rules of their formalization.

Avoid Plagiarism

Sure, many students find that it is much easier to copy someone else’s paper fully or partly. However, this is a wrong opinion. Plagiarism can be quickly detected today. Even a rewritten text will be determined thanks to modern software. Keep in mind that the majority of teachers check every essay in such programs and then put bad marks to unfair students’ works. Moreover, it is punished by the law in many states. So, you have to produce only your personal original ideas without copying somebody’s essay.

Know the Structure

Actually, a short essay has a standard structure, which includes an introduction, main body and conclusion. As a rule, there should be at least three positions explained in the major paragraph, which are supported with some arguments. The beginning of your text should be short and clear. It usually presents the concept of your writing and the importance of a chosen topic. These things are often repeated and edited in conclusion. So, there is no need to invent something new. The main information is usually concentrated in the body of your text. Professors pay the major part of attention to this part.

Use Right Tone

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It is significant to use the right tone and language while writing your essay. If you get a task to make an average school paper, there should be no complicated terms, slang or unusual abbreviations. It is better to ask your teacher about the detailed instruction if there are some doubts about the tone of your essay. Try to explain your arguments with simple sentence constructions in order to avoid grammatical and structural mistakes.

Reread Your Paper

The final step is editing and proofreading your essay. Despite it is short, there still may be a lot of mistakes or wrong statements. Reread the text several times: delete something or add new ideas. It is significant to detect all the mistakes because they are the reason why teachers lower students’ grades. It happens that a young person receives a bad mark for short essay with strong arguments and interesting ideas, because it has a lot of grammatical inaccuracies. Just dedicate some more time to proofreading and you will prevent disappointment in the future.

Summing up, writing a short essay seems to be an easy task for many young people, but they usually underestimate the time and efforts, which are needed for the creation of such a paper. As a result, they have bad grades and cannot write notes effectively and quickly. These skills are needed at many companies, where a person has to deal with documents. So, be diligent and train a lot. This is a key to success in writing papers on different topics. Hopefully, our tips and hints with help you to cope with it.

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