Writing My School Essay Is Harder Than I Thought

Corrected Mistake

Academic papers have this power to keep people from their friends, hobbies, and even sleep. It often happens that once a student is assigned a paper, be it an essay or a research paper, the colors of the world fade until the work is done. How do I write my school essay, you ask? Here are some good and bad pieces of advice to help you out!

Good Advice, Step 1: Understand That There Is Nothing Impossible in Your Essay

If there is some place for creativity and striking experiments in the academic environment, then it is while writing an essay. You can use whatever you want: subjective impressions, metaphors, strange associations, quotes from favorite songs and even telling the story on behalf of your favorite movie or book character. Incarnate in your text everything what you wanted to say on seminars or lectures, but could not because of all of the limited scientific categories.

Good Advice, Step 2: Do Not Forget About Standards

However, each kind of essay has its structure. The most creative teachers have few or even do not have requirements to follow. Still, even in such cases, common sense works. Here is what you should remember:

Stick to the Classic Structure

Any essay is a demonstration of your worldview, which is embodied in the written form. If you do not want people to call you "a person, who has troubles with logic," then you should stick to the traditional method of text composition. It means that you will have an introduction, the main part and a conclusion. Of course, there may be some exceptions, for example, if you are writing a postmodern essay or are using hypertext. That is why it is better to choose the style and structure of your essay depending on your task, topic and goals. More often essay is used in humanitarian disciplines to check whether the student has an unordinary and analytical way of thinking. However, it may look strange if a physician uses philosophical reflections despite clear facts or vice versa (if a philosopher sticks to facts and not to their interpretation).

No to Plagiarism

If you are using plagiarized parts, you do not respect yourself. Don't you have your own point of view?


It is not only acceptable but also preferable to use many sources of information. Your references to some leaders of thoughts will definitely increase the importance of your essay. Nevertheless, do not forget to insert them as quotes and mention in your list of literature all the sources of information which you have used.

Good Advice, Step 3: Put Your Thoughts Together

On this stage, you may wait for inspiration or just use the method of brainstorming, as follows. Read the topic of an essay attentively. What associations, facts, comparisons are coming to your mind? Write them down as they are coming to your head. Also, if you have plenty of time, you may use the insight method. Forget about your essay for a couple of days and just keep on reading literature and watching films which are related to the subject. Our brain is working in the way that shortly you will suddenly understand and formulate the ideas which were needed for an essay.

Source of Inspiration

Save the quotes which you liked while reading books related to your subject.

Re-read your thoughts and the quotes you have chosen. Maybe you will see that some quotes are the complement and great illustrations of your point of view. This is the time for you to unite them. Think about relevant examples. That is how step by step you are filling your essay up until you have enough information. Now you can write introduction and conclusion.

Using Typewriter

Tips for Conclusion

It is better to write a conclusion in a while after finishing the body part. Let your text and your brain "cool down" a bit. Pay attention whether you saved the logical structure, whether your arguments are supporting your points, whether you are sure you have no mistakes. Think this way: "If I were a teacher, would my work be interesting for me?"

Bad Advice

Here comes the fun part with some bad pieces of advice you want to make sure you barely ever follow.

More Lyricism!

Lyricism impresses the reader. The reader will be glad to know how you have come to this life. Describe how beautiful the sunset is in autumn, how great it is that you arrived at this city and enjoyed sightseeing before starting to write this essay. Put more epithets, metaphors and similes. The reader will give your essay a due right after (and if) they understand it.

The Longer the Introduction the Better the Impression

You should necessary tell the reader about your life. Write about your family more. Who were your parents and grandparents? What has inspired you to write an essay on this subject? The introduction which takes up to half of the whole text will definitely rouse the curiosity of the reader.

Do Not Concretize Anything! The Power Is in General Words!

Do more beating around the bush and use more clichés. Write how important it is that you were studying philology, enginery, management, psychology. Moreover, you can write how awesome it will be if there are no wars in the world anymore. Do they ask about what you wanted to change on your university? Tell about the improvement of teachers’ (professors’) qualifications, about rising of salary or deepening of a study program. Do not mention any concrete data.

More Facts!

Can't you make a mountain out of a molehill? Go the other way. Put more facts in your essay. Everything counts: surnames, dates, names of researchers, the results. Your reader will be impressed by your erudition or your skill to work with information. Make shorter conclusions. After all, you are writing for academics who are capable of revealing the logic and linking it to the content.

The Longer the Sentences Are the Smarter the Author Looks

Do you remember classic literature writers and their sentences which take up half of the page? You can also do it! Moreover, after a short practice, it becomes easy to use participle and adverbial participle. Add more complicated and long words. Compose long and verbose sentences. This is the way to appear smart in your reader’s eyes. The reader will get scared from the first paragraph. They will put away your essay as they will be disappointed with their intellect.

Reading a Text

Do Not Ever Re-Read Text, Ever!

Do not read your text for the second time under any circumstances. You were writing not for yourself but the others. Thus, they should read it and admire your talent. It does not matter how many mistakes will be found in your text or how illogical will your exposition appear. You are talented; you do not need any editing or re-reading.

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