Essay on Truth and Courage: Original Sample

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Essays on such philosophical issues as people's emotions and feelings, or the notions of truth and lie, or human existence in general can obviously be quite complicated and confusing. In most cases, specific character of such writing assignment can be explained not by the absence of your personal view on the mentioned aspects of our lives (no doubt, you have it), but rather by the difficulties connected with various essay writing requirements.

In order to specify what we mean here, we're going to throw a few ideas out to you which can shed more light on the most significant academic writing features.

Some Prior General Remarks on Essay Writing

The thing is that the essay has quite strict structure, so your thoughts for the particular issue should be organized according to the special writing pattern. Within its context you can use all your creativity, but you shouldn't try to step outside certain limits set by valid standards of academic writing. Actually, the well-known 3-level structure of the essay can help you come up with the logical sequence of your ideas and evidences to support them.

So, once again let's have a quick look at the three main parts of the standard academic essay:

  1. the opening or introductory part/paragraph;
  2. the main part (or body paragraph): it may have more than 1 paragraph, of course; the number of paragraphs in this “central” part depends on how many ideas you're raising and the way you're placing the arguments to support them;
  3. the conclusion part may also have several paragraphs (usually 2): while the first one summarizes the general idea of the essay given, the second one may contain some prospects, predictions or even hopes depending on the subject of the essay.

Such text structure can be applied to any type of essay, regardless of the assigned or chosen topic. The topic will in its turn define the main idea and the whole content of your essay. However, we've calculated that the mentioned structure appears to be especially convenient when it comes to composing essays on the issues which can be considered from very different angles.

Below you'll discover the example of the essay on the ideas of truth and courage that has been created to help you find your inspiration. Also, the offered essay presents one of the possible variants on how you can develop your personal opinion on the matter and format it into the well-organized text.

Some Notes About the Outline

Generally, it's recommended that before you start composing the essay, you should draft an outline to it. In its essence, this outline is a short plan of what you're going to write about. It may look like a list of the ideas which you want to present in the text. Or you can create a special chart and place different aspects of your general opinion and the supporting arguments for them as it would be convenient and helpful for you.

Here we've listed some handy guidelines on making a well-thought outline for the essay which you'll find further below, so that you could see clearly how it should be built and how it can help. You can use it as an example or as a base for your own work.

  • Firstly, we should define the topic: in our case, it concerns the ideas and notions of truth and courage.
  • Secondly, there should be a few particular issues which are going to be described in the text of the essay: possible interconnections or correlations between the two ideas.
  • Thirdly, we need to provide clear, logical and strong evidences to support the respective ideas on how and why truth and courage can be connected; what is more, each of these evidences should be clarified or analyzed in more detail (otherwise, the text may look just like the collection of dry and incoherent statements, and that's what must be avoided).
  • Fourthly and finally, we should sum up the presented and analyzed ideas in order to make the unambiguous conclusion about whether truth and courage are connected and correlate with each other or not.

Although the draft structure may seem very dreary or even quite frightening, we shouldn't forget that it's only the general framework of the text. Of course, the process of writing should be approached creatively. For instance, no interesting collocation, comparison or metaphor will ever do any harm to the essay like this.

Anyway, that's definitely enough of theory! Let's move on to practice!

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Truth and Courage Essay Sample

Have you ever felt like the words that should be said just get stuck in your throat? Have you ever felt like your hand reached to help someone or to do something pulls back, and you just can't control it? If so, here is one more question: what might you reproach yourself with after you realized that you had not said or done something very important? That was courage: courage to say the truth and courage to do the right things.

Since our childhood we have been taught that we must always tell the truth and that it is bad to lie. However, hardly ever could anyone tell us, when we were little children, why the truth may be so difficult and so painful to tell and to reveal. Indeed, it was much easier to make up why mum's favorite vase was broken than to admit that it was actually you who had broken it. Even today, as we have grown up, we sometimes see that it appears much simpler to walk away from a trouble or split up with someone you think you love, than to dig deep into the roots of the problem and see what is really wrong.

The biggest paradox is that we do realize that we just need some courage to say some true words, but not lies, or to make some difficult but right steps forward, and not to go away, however, we often find ourselves too reluctant or scared to apply for it. “Why” is the obvious question. If we muse over it, we are very likely to find the answer in our fear of possible consequences and responsibility for them. This is human, but this is what prevents us from moving ahead and makes us sink in unresolved problems and even conflicts.

On the other hand, courage means fighting such fear and forcing yourself to take the responsibility for everything you do or say. Hence telling the truth would imply readiness to realize what it may lead to and to deal with the consequences, while revealing the truth would mean bravery to face the reality whatever it is. Anyway, there can be hardly anything hidden that will not be disclosed one day, so it is probably better to disclose everything yourself than to let somebody or something else do it for you.

Being truthful takes courage. Courage is always supported by truth. They always go together, and they just cannot fail. Both they are very essential aspects of human life, which will never be out of place. Although at first we may regret being brave and sincere, later on we will see that truth was the only right way to find the solution, while courage was the only way to come up with it.

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