Your Essay Cover Page Guide: Let's Manage It!

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Definitely, you know how catchy the first impression can be. Not only does it influence your further attitude towards an issue or a thing, or even a person, but also defines the final assessment you can make. As a result, the latter will be either positive or negative depending on what you've paid your attention to and whether you can accept it or not.

You're right, these are rather general thoughts. But you can see how the effect implied by them works in your study practice. Let's look a little closer.

Like many other types of academic papers, a college essay should be supplemented with a cover page (sometimes it can also be referred to as a title page). You might have already guessed that it's a page which always goes first and contains the title of your essay. However, that's not the half of it.

We've found out that the most frequent difficulties with cover pages for different papers generally concern such issues as:

  • the information which students should mention on this page;
  • the order in which this information should be placed;
  • the standard format of the page.

You see that there are only three of them but you can certainly realize how essential they may happen to be for the grade you'll receive from your professor or instructor. If something about them isn't taken into consideration, even the smallest detail, such a shortcoming can greatly influence your professor's very first impression of your whole paper.

The thing is that in actual fact, the style and format you set on the cover or title page tend to pervade the text of your essay as well. This means that the way you craft this page, though you can do it even after completing the paper fully, can determine how well and conscientiously the assignment is done in general. As a result, the correctness of the format and the presence of all required data can and will play a significant role when your essay is evaluated.

So How on Earth Should I Do the Cover Page?

In order to relieve your stress of making out what exactly you need to do the title page for your paper assignment, we've prepared a few handy recommendations. They will provide you with the clear understanding of your further steps and help you orient yourself to the main formatting standards to do your essay cover page in the right way. So, let's have a look!

  1. First and foremost, you need to come up with the good topic. As it's always placed in the middle of the cover page, it will catch your professor's eye anyway. If the essay topic is assigned to you, your most important task will be to format it correctly. However, if you're free with the choice, then you must make sure yours is really captivating and written according to all possible rules and requirements.
  2. Secondly, you'll need to ask your instructor or professor to specify the academic style of the whole paper and of the title page specifically in case she/he hasn't mentioned it. The three main academic formats (or styles) are MLA, APA and Chicago/Turabian.
  3. Then you'll need to familiarize yourself with the writing standards and requirements provided by these formats. (Below you'll find a few conveniently organized lists of all requirements for the cover page considering the particular format.)
  4. Finally, after you've learnt what should be included into the cover page, you can sit down and successfully craft it following the instructions.
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One Small Additional Tip

Today on the Net you'll find plenty of cover page samples that can help you create the one for you own paper. Also, you can come across many free title page generators. These are special programs, available online, which can do and format your essay cover or title page for you.

However, despite such variety of materials available online, still we do recommend that you check the essentials featured by MLA, APA and Chicago styles in order to avoid any mistakes. Bet, you won't be very fond of the situation when the template from the Internet may appear to be inappropriate for your assignment.

Academic Requirements for Essay Cover Pages: 3 Main Styles




  • Under the top margin the name of the college or university you study at should be typed.
  • The title (and subtitle) should be placed 1/3 of your whole page down from its top.
  • Type your name and surname after skipping 2 or 3 lines down from the mentioned line.
  • On the next line type the name and number of your course.
  • Under this info provide your instructor's name.
  • Finally, type the essay due date.

Perfect! You've done it!


  • There is the so called “running header” in the top right corner of your page. This is the short variant of your main title (up to 50 characters).
  • With the help of the header function put the page number (1) skipping 5 to 7 spaces from the running header typed.
  • In terms of the title, there are two possible options. In the middle of the page you can type only the whole title of your essay, or both the short and full titles (the short one goes first).
  • Skip 2-3 lines to type your full name.
  • The information about your course, your professor's name as well as the submission date should be mentioned one after another at the bottom of the page. 

Alright! Mission completed!

CMS (Chicago/Turabian)

  • Place the full title of your essay halfway down the page.
  • Right under the title mention your name and surname.
  • All other data are placed at the page bottom. The order is the following: 1. the professor's name, 2. the title and number of your course, 3. the date of assignment submission. All issues are on the separate lines respectively.
  • Don't use pagination on the cover page.

Great work! You've managed it!

Common Remarks

Despite the obvious differences between these three styles, still they feature a few common requirements for the first title page:

  • except for Times or Times New Roman 12 pt., no other fonts are accepted;
  • line-spacing should be provided double-spaced;
  • the text on this page should center-aligned;
  • 1-inch margin is required from all four sides of the page.

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