Easily Write an Environmental Studies and Ecology Research Paper

Planet Earth

What could be more boring than another study about the importance of the environment? From an early age, you are probably fed up of hearing the usual slogans about the importance of saving electricity and using less water. However, as a student, you will probably have to write such an original essay, connected to environmental studies or the ever-present conditions of Earth’s ecology. No matter how tired you are of this topic, there is no escaping it, because ecology is something that all of our lives depend on. In order to succeed in such a task, you will have to pay attention to the tips below.

What Is the Structure of Such a Paper?

You are probably familiar with the general structure of essays, and there is no need to describe how you should pay attention to the introduction, main body and the conclusions of your essay. The rules of logic and cohesion should be present: they make your paper readable and presentable. Of course, do not disregard proofreading and avoid making grammar mistakes that could lower your grade regardless of how much effort you have put in the content. However, what are the peculiarities of a research paper? In the next batch of tips we focus on the points that you should definitely pay extra attention to while composing your work.

Your Interest

It may be a banal tip, but it is the most crucial one. In anything you do, your interest is the key. If an activity catches your attention, you will notice that your productivity concerning this subject will escalate too. So, use this knowledge in your paper too! If you do not care about the recycling of paper, focus on the extinction of wild animals. You can google endangered species of animals and be surprised by how many there are and how many need to be saved as soon as possible. If this issue really gets under your skin, read more articles on the topic and find some pictures. Your research can proceed so much faster if you are involved in it heart and soul.

What Has Been Done Before You

Complaining leads to nothing. In fact, your professor probably assigned this task in order to not only make you aware of the existence of such problems, but also to make you realize the ways of battling them. No matter what, you need to include the ways other people have tried to think up the solutions to this environmental problem. Were they effective? What did such methods lack? The names of the researches and their contribution will be highly valued by your professor, as he will see that you have done your work diligently. However, do not plagiarize, quote properly and include a clear list of references.

Research Team

Clear Conclusions

After you have written the main concept of the problem, its reasons, effects, and the possible solutions offered by other researches, you need to make your own conclusions. Give a clear answer to this question: “What is the main conclusion of my essay?”, and try to answer it as logically as possible. Since your paper is about making your own research and not describing it, you should write down your own thoughts on the matter. In case you agree with a possible solution, state your reasons. Maybe you even have some original ideas that could be adopted by fellow researches!

Prompts To Use for Your Research

Now that you are aware of the general structure of your paper, and what points you should definitely pay attention to, you need to find a topic that presents a clear interest for you, as we have mentioned before, it is a big part of your success. If nothing sparks your interest, try reading about the current issues that plague our planet, and find something to be concerned about. Here are some groups of topics that can inspire you further, please consider them too.

Connected to Animals

Not only the previously mentioned endangered species can make you pick up a pen and start writing, but also the fate of our nearest and dearest pets caged in shelters. Is the issue of stray pets present in your city? How would you deal with the abandoned cats and dogs in your hometown? The issue may be even worse for unwanted reptiles or fish, who cannot survive without special conditions for long.

Hawksbill Turtles

Connected to Social Life

Something that is right under your nose can spark a lot of ideas. The disposal of garbage and thus, recycling paper, plastic and metals, can be one thing to concern yourself with. We deal with this problem every day, and if garbage services would stop working, we would be faced with big problems. Find out how your city deals with smog, pollution, industrial waste. Another constant problem is overpopulation and all the effects it brings to our planet.

Connected to Environmental Disasters

Research the causes of floods, fires, volcano eruptions and tornadoes. What are the causes of such catastrophes? Why do they happen in particular regions? Some could be caused by humans, but others are natural. How can they be prevented and should they really be stopped? There are also the ever-present issues of the holes in the ozone layer, global warming, deforestation and others.

To sum up, in this article we tried to focus on the main points to consider while writing a research paper connected to ecology and the environmental problems we all face. You need to remember that your interest in the problem, thorough research, and the solutions you can find are the key points of your work. Then we provided some ideas and prompts to consider while writing such a paper. We hope that this article was useful to you! Good luck.

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