Dissertation Titles and How to Bring Them to Academic Perfection

What Is a Dissertation

So, it seems like it’s time to pluck up your spirits, sit down and start working on, probably, the greatest piece of writing you’ve ever had to craft during all these years of your study, doesn’t it? Exactly, what we mean here is Its Majesty the Doctoral Dissertation, with all its importance, complexity and exactingness.

Even before you begin at least to prepare for composing such academic paper, to say nothing of drafting the very first lines of its first chapter, you can definitely find a few general words to explain what it’s likely to be. Anyway, let’s specify the main ideas of the dissertation in order to make sure that all its essential features can be understood clearly and no misinterpretations of them are possible. 

  • Firstly, right you are to realize that it’s going to be a many-sided project which provides its author with a doctoral degree.
  • Secondly, you’re certainly on the right way to your success if considering that this paper involves some kind of research and thorough work with various materials and data.
  • Thirdly, you won’t be mistaken as well if you highlight that one of the most significant characteristics of this paper is its innovation. It would mean that the author appears to be the first to raise a specific topical subject which is going to be investigated and clarified in the paper.
  • Fourthly, you might also know that the brand-new subject for such a paper is mostly a hypothesis which bases on an unexplored issue and can be either proved or disproved in the course of research by using special research methods.
  • Fifthly, you may also note that writing the doctoral dissertation doesn’t usually suppose much help or support on the part of your supervisor though the grade you finally get from him or her does matter for success of your paper. You should do everything (or about 99% of everything) yourself, so just put up with it. However, you can still ask for your professor’s opinion, advice or recommendations regarding different aspects of or some requirements for your work.

Although these are quite generalized features of such academic paper, still they can help you distinguish it among the others and set the right direction for your further work. Of course, the subject, content and format of your own dissertation will largely depend on which sphere of science it’s devoted to, as well as on some specific standards accepted and approved by your university.  

Many smart and extended guidelines for writing dissertations in the correct academic way have been developed and are now available and easily accessible on the Internet. They deal with a wide range of writing and formatting issues. Firm adherence to each of these guidelines is considered crucial for crafting an original paper which can undoubtedly deserve the highest grades.

Nevertheless, there’s still one very important issue that is worth some more thorough and detailed consideration than the ones provided in numerous instructions most of the time.

The Title and Its Significance

Student and Professor

What we’d like to focus this article on is a dissertation title. No doubt, there’s no need to specify why it’s compulsory for this type of papers and what it serves for. At the same time, it turns out to be not so easy to squeeze all sense and idea of your research into a witty order of 10 to 15 words (sometimes a little more) which would be typed on the very first page of your magnum opus and considered to be its title.

That’s why we’re offering you some handy recommendations form our expert writers. These guys have successfully defended their doctoral dissertations a few years ago and therefore perfectly know how to craft a title for it which could be both laconic and informative. According to what they say themselves, a really good title can always catch the reader’s eye and therefore predispose him or her to rather positive perception of your work in general as well as of some particular ideas that you put forth in your paper.

Some General Characteristics of the Good Title

We’ve come across three main criteria that can help you understand what is required for the title and which aspects are likely to strike the reader and influence the grade you’ll finally receive.

  1. Internal consistency: it means that the title shouldn’t include anything that doesn’t relate or contradicts the essence of your research and therefore can confuse the reader. Also, such a criterion implies that the title should reflect the issue on which you base the dissertation. So, it’s rather about specifying the subject you’ve chosen than applying to some general aspects of the topic.
  2. Preciseness: the title can’t cover anything that doesn’t correlate with the purpose of your research and to the ideas that you raise in the dissertation. The title should be concise and clear. So, some ambiguous or very broad terms aren’t desirable.
  3. Descriptiveness: you should concisely describe the subject of the work you’ve already done or plan to do. Note that the idea you put into the title is very closely related to the main idea of your research and to what you’re going to prove or disprove in your dissertation.
  4. Explanatory character: your title should provide the brief explanation of what you're going to say about further. You’ll see that such requirement makes you stay oriented towards the issue you’ve chosen for your research, regardless of the general field of the research itself.
  5. Formal scientific style: certainly, no figurative or colloquial expressions are allowed.

What Is Necessary to Meet Such Criteria?

Let’s have a quick look at how to make sure that you can craft the right title for your dissertation. So, you should:

  • understand the exact issue you’re going to research;
  • realize what is new about it;
  • know some of its specific features or know what features of it you’re going to reveal or, on the contrary, disprove;
  • have at least some draft ideas on how you’re going to carry your research out.
Student with a Dictionary

Essential Language Remarks

Actually, the title is the very first thing about this paper that draws the reader’s attention. So, the good English is extremely important to make positive impression on him/her.

  • Capitalization is required for the first and last words of the title. All words that refer to the main parts of speech should be capitalized. At the same time, unless such parts of speech as prepositions, coordinating conjunctions and articles appear in the beginning or end of the title, they should be lowercased.
  • Spelling and grammar should be checked with a reliable dictionary.
  • Apostrophes can be used only to form a possessive case.
  • Italicization can be applied only to writing foreign language words, general names, titles of publications, etc.
  • Abbreviations and special characters aren’t allowed.

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