A Guide to Produce Descriptive Essay Prompts Easily

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The first step of the process of any writing assignment is finding the topic. Indeed, without a prompt it is impossible to just pick up a pen and start writing a college essay. Usually, professors at school or at university assign essays that already have a topic, and they know what kind of content they expect from their students. However, there are cases when you need to generate these ideas on your own. Here is an easy guide to understand what lies behind the descriptions and how to generate prompts that can fit its requirements, bringing you a motivation to write in the process!

What Are the Criteria of a Descriptive Essay?

Different types of paper require you to focus on different aspects while you organize the content in your head. If we talk about a descriptive essay, we need to make sure that it corresponds its name.


Imagine that you are a school teacher and the thirty students in your class bring you a paper on the topic “How I spent my summer vacation”. You will probably die of boredom when you read yet another plain paper of a kid spending his holiday on the beach with the family. However, if someone were to write about some interesting detail, like the arrival of a hurricane in the city, a new exciting game of espionage that they created with their friend, your interest would suddenly rise. The same goes for you, as a writer. Try to think up a quirky detail. It does not have to be something grand, but the way you present it should make your story shine among the rest.


Even though your teachers could fail to mention this, as a rule, such an essay should have a clear purpose. Describing your pet fish in three pages could be interesting for you, as you have known Roger the Goldfish for a long time, but a teacher is bound to think “So what?”, so in order to make them avoid this question, you need to concentrate on your purpose. Usually, it means getting to the morale of the story. If you describe how once you helped an old lady retrieve her cat from the tree and she gave you cookies, make sure that the morale of “helping others is good” is well-understood and clear. Before you write, visualize clearly what is the lesson that your story can teach.



Perhaps it is an obvious point, but make sure that you know the topic well. If you recall some funny or tragic life circumstances that you have lived in person, you will know and write about them better than anybody else, as you are the one who has lived through them. Convey your emotions and your thoughts on the subject, and it will be much more interesting to read.


Make sure to use flourishing language. It will be extremely noticeable in case you describe a series of events that need a great deal of action. You could just say that the car was running at high speed, or you could describe this event as “the car lunged forward with the speed of a train in motion”. The impact of your words will be different, so use your words to your advantage. Do not be afraid to add metaphors and comparisons, especially if they are not the usual ones. However, do not build your whole paper on them, rather, use them as a decoration.

How to Find the Perfect Prompt?

Now that you know what kind of criteria make a perfect descriptive essay, we can concentrate on the topics that correspond to these criteria. What subjects can you choose that could at the same time reflect personal and imaginative aspects and have a morale? The easiest way could be to check this website that can help you to destroy the writer’s block. It could be useful not only for descriptive essays, but for any writing in general. However, here are some groups of thematically divided prompts that could help you create your perfect essay.

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Topics About People

Whenever we think about people, the first ones that come to mind are probably your friends and family. For example, write about Aunt Sylvia, but make sure that Aunt Sylvia is interesting enough to spend a whole paper on. If you know that she collects smoking pipes or is the owner of a diner on the big road, you could easily create a paper that is personal enough and has an interesting quirk. It can as easily adhere to the morale aspect if you make sure to write a paragraph on the relentless struggle of Aunt Sylvia and her habit of never giving up. However, a descriptive essay gives you free reign on your topic, and you can consider other people too, your mail carrier, professors, neighbors or celebrities. Just scroll your friends list on Facebook to get some ideas!

Topics About Things

In case you prefer this type of prompt, you can easily make it stand out, however, it can be hard thinking up a morale. For example, you could write about your favorite bicycle and how hard did you work to get it.

Topics About Events

Another group of prompts that could easily make it in your essay are events. They are probably the easiest to write about. Usually, if you remember them, they have some purpose, or entertaining or preaching, so you have the ability to choose something that really inspires you to write. Think about your childhood, your school or your extra-curricular activities. Celebrating different events with your family, going on vacations to other countries, living through big historical events: all these things could lead you to a big variety of writing ideas. If you are really at a loss, remember what you have discussed with your best friend the last time you talked. It can easily give you some ideas.

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