Definition Essay Writing Help: Why and How to Be Creative

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In the sphere of writing there are some aspects and issues that seem to be so obvious and simple at first sight that no single idea wants to occur to the one who at that very moment is in the process of crafting a new text. In such a case the subject of writing may turn out to be really boring, while the general style may be weak and the structure may appear to be illogical.

Well, these are the things which you would definitely like to avoid when composing papers for your high school or college, or whatever. You clearly realize that the counterparts of the three aspects mentioned above would be much more welcomed by your teacher or professor for any assigned piece of academic writing. Let's list them down here:

  • the subject should be captivating and well-developed but never dull;
  • the style should be clear and original but never vague;
  • the structure should be well-thought and well-organized but never chaotic.

So, now you can see what guarantees an excellent grade for any type of essay or other academic paper. The most challenging thing is to succeed in applying each of these three main requirements to your personal writings. And that is why we're going to throw out a few helpful ideas on how you can manage to go creative with your school/college papers.

Let's Stop on a Definition Essay

This very type of essays can serve as a good example of the case in writing when quite a plain issue calls for creativity and originality if satisfactory result (a good grade) is expected. It should be emphasized, however, that creativity doesn't imply complexity, and originality doesn't mean that you can't use any supplementary sources when writing the essay.

On the contrary, the harmonious combination of simplicity and creativity is the right key to the success of your paper. In its turn, the new original approach to a very common aspect, phenomenon or some other issue of our life would also provide a true guidance on getting a well-deserved grade. Season this medley with correct spelling, grammar and punctuation, and you'll get a perfect essay of any type.

By the way, we still can't neglect to consider the three essential attributes which a good essay should possess: its structure would define the consistency of the text, the style would give the main taste, and the particular subject would add that piquant zest to the whole paper.

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Why the Subject for Good Definition Essay Is Worth Attention?

Roughly speaking, definitions essays imply extending, clarifying and expressing personal thoughts about the way in which a notion, mostly an abstract one, can be defined. So, we can consider that defining a particular word or word combination is the subject of the definition essay. Alright, that's quite clear.

On the other hand, it's also apparent that you can't just rewrite an article from an online dictionary or encyclopedia. Though, of course, you can use either of them as the source of information and help yourself while writing in order to learn more about the notion you've chosen. In any case, you'll need to involve your fantasy into the process of crafting a definition essay and go beyond the limits of bookish approach to the explanation of various terms.

A Few Know-Hows to Select the Right Topic for a Definition Essay

Although it's impossible to count the exact number of words in the Modern English language, the approximate number, derived from the dictionary data, is around 470,000 entries. So, you definitely have at least a few dozens of words to choose from. However, the common noun “apple” or the proper noun “Italy”, for example, don't count.

In order not to get lost in your own choice, have a look at the following tips on how to find a really good term/notion for your definition essay, which could provide you with some nice food for thought. Remember that it's going to be the pivot of your whole text to which you're supposed to fasten your ideas regarding the chosen issue. That's why it appears to be really important to select the topic you'll like to work on.

  1. Choose from abstract notions: these words denote human feelings and emotions if speaking generally. As we are all different people with different experience which has influenced us in different ways, each of us would have a really unique opinion on such things as love and hate, friendship and competition, war and peace, etc. So, the original style which you use to present your personal point of view would help you create a captivating essay.
  2. Or from the latest scientific terms: nowadays along with the rocketing progress of science and technologies, a number of brand-new words emerges. It would be interesting and reasonable to pick up one of them, dig a little deeper into its meaning and origins, as well as to express your own attitude to a new discovery or invention denoted by it.
  3. Or from some funny words which have been invented quite recently and cover some contemporary issues, mostly social ones: indeed, our society has greatly changed within the past 10-20 years. Today it features some new aspects and phenomena that are quite widespread. Still hardly anyone knows that they have definitions. So, why not come up with a few interesting ideas to present one of such definitions in your paper?
  4. Also, you can select from set word combinations but not phraseological units: these are abstract notions or terms that relate mostly to history and social life. The examples can be the American dream or game theory.

Stick to interesting, controversial and, probably, rhetorical topics, which can be discussed over and over, regardless of time and place. Thus, you can make your essay be more exciting to read and make your reader think about his or her personal opinion on the issue.

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Then How to Write on the Chosen Issue in a Really Creative Way?

Apply to the tips offered by our writers and make sure the tips do work:

  • don't use dictionary definitions, definitely;
  • express your personal thoughts comparing them with the opposite views;
  • if most guys write what something is, come up with the idea of what something isn't;
  • don't forget about the other two main attributes of a successful essay mentioned above: clear style and well-organized structure of your text.

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