How to Write an Art Dissertation: Basic Rules

Senior Students

If you are a student you will have to face dissertation writing one day, despite you want it or not. Thesis completion and its defense are crucial steps to earning your degree. If the time has come and you need to start your art dissertation, here you can find valuable pieces of advice, a lot of remarks can also be found here.

How Unique Are Your Ideas?

Even if you have always considered yourself a talented person with an extraordinary way of thinking you will still lack an idea for your dissertation topic. There are two typical issues that the students face before coming up with the topic:

  • You need to conduct a research of the issue which has not been uncovered so far;
  • You need to find resources to write about it.

On this point, the student must understand that dissertation cannot just be based on the works that have been previously written – here one has to conduct their own research. Also, despite the fact that you are to select the theme which has not been studied enough yet, you still will be able to find the quality resources that are at least connected with your topic. They will also help you to reveal the areas which were not elaborated enough so far by other scholars if you study them attentively.

Do Not Fake – Show Your Genuine Interest

Interested Student

The dissertation is quite a substantial paper to complete. Usually, you are asked to prepare about 35-40 pages minimum. Although it is an academic genre of writing it is not similar to a 500-word essay that can be written just within an hour on any topic that the professor assigned. Here, you will have to spend at least one month face to face with your topic and come up with a worthy piece of academic writing. It is not easy to pretend that you like a topic which you are not enjoying at all. Therefore, before you complete a proposal and it is confirmed by your professor, search those aspects of your subject that you find exciting and would like to learn more about.

Cope with It

A Heavy Burden

All students understand that the dissertation is not an easy task and all they have to do is just to bear it. Remember that it is your personal burden and you should better not put it on the shoulders of your friends and group mates as they won’t be able to help you. Usually, mates, even if they take all the same courses, have various topics and even use different methods for the research. What is more, all of them have a number of their own tasks to complete – this is why you should not bother them with your own dissertation but remember to cope with it by your own. However, if you do not feel like you are able to manage it all by your own, you can contact our writing service for support.

Good Sentences Are Not Delivered by Demand: Be Ready to Work

There is an easy way to get a dissertation – you can just order it at our service. However, if you decide to manage it by yourself keep in mind that you will need to dedicate much time and efforts to it. Since every single word must be written by you, remember that you will have to spend time paraphrasing your sentences and finding better words for suiting your topic and expressing your thoughts.

Topics for Art Dissertation


If you need to write an art dissertation you are a lucky one. Every day a number of topics appear that have not been discussed and studied well so far. Everything depends on your preferences – you can research:

  • A history of art;
  • A certain period of art history: like Medieval art, Renaissance, Classical art and so on;
  • A story or creation of an art piece: a painting, novel, symphony;
  • Kinds of art etc.

When you have specified a general sphere of art that you are willing to research you need to find an exact facet that has not been investigated too much. Here are some ideas:

  1. Mass literature and its usefulness.
  2. Is feminist art still necessary or not?
  3. Art and politics.
  4. Art as a tool for social influences.
  5. Art for its own sake: hedonism and decadence.
  6. Interconnection of musical and visual arts.
  7. Modern art and violence.
  8. Didactic aspect of literature: should it be avoided or supported?
  9. Art education: practical appliances.
  10. Should art be studies in colleges?

For more topic and writing ideas, contact our support team – our company cooperates with more than 150 experts if various art fields like history of arts, visual arts, music, literature, dance etc. There will be no chance for you to be left without a good topic or perfectly written paper.

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