Application Essay and Personal Statement: Tips to Complete

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There are two papers all students are especially scared of making mistakes in, and they are a personal statement and application essay. The reason for panic is that the grade for this paper is not the points but the person’s future. One more reason to be afraid of is that when you complete a school essay, are aware of its gradation process, what does your teacher like or dislike and so on. Those professionals who are bound to read this essay are unfamiliar to you, so the only way to make an impression on them would be by composing a stunning personal statement and application essay.

What Does Personal Statement Stand For?

It is a short writing in which you should argue why you have chosen this establishment and why you are the perfect candidate for it. The purpose of this document is to ensure the admission office that you are the perfect match for them. Moreover, you only have from 250 to 500 words to do so. To tell the truth, it is not the easiest task.

What to Mention

Before writing it, you should think a lot in advance, because in order to convince an admission office you should be convinced yourself, too. In the body part, define your personal goals as clear as possible. Do not let the world "personal" deceive you; your goals do not have to be limited by your personal life. Moreover, it will be better if you insert them into the global context of developing science, culture, society or your country. At the same time, be careful and do not make yourself a science fiction character. Of course, you may write that after gaining knowledge at the university you are planning to save humanity from cancer and AIDS or secure the peace in the whole world. However, you should prove later that you can do it. Goals should be real and attainable, but not necessarily easy to achieve.

Convincing the Admission Office

In achieving a goal, it is vital to have the motivation and abilities as well. It means that in two-three sentences you must persuade the admission office that you have a desire and are worth of studying at the university. To do so, choose from the amount of facts of your biography those which have direct connection to the program you have selected. They should confirm that your choice was not occasional.

How to Select What to Mention

The choice of features depends on the type of a program. For example, if you enter the bachelor program, tell more about yourself as a balanced person, do not limit yourself only with academic progress. Mention your sports activities, music and dance interests, social work, hobbies and so on. However, if you are applying for a Master’s or Ph.D. program then you should stress on your scientific interests, achievements and goals.

Additional Tip

For Master’s programs and internships, it is also crucial that you mention your experience of working in the field of your specialization. Listing down your achievements is showing to admission office that your choice is not occasional or random but only the logical ending of the development of your interests. It is also important to state that this university is the very one you want to study in. Do not be lazy and learn everything possible about the university and faculty which you are applying for. Look for some peculiarities of their program (for example, if they have special laboratory, courses, library with a lot of books and so on).

Graduation Party


Finally, do not forget one more necessary part of personal statement. Make sure to inform what are your plans after graduating. This point is related to the first one, where you were supposed to tell about your goals. It will not be superfluous if you repeat them one more time. It will show the admission office that you do not forget about your goals and strive to achieve them.

Application Essay Tips

Here is a very brief list of tips you want to keep in mind to come up with a decent application essay. A longer list can be found easily on the Web, but here is the basis to stick to:

Be Laconic

Everyone knows that the application essay should be longer than 1 page approximately, without an upper limitation, but imagine how many essays should an admission officer read a day. Make sure to come up with a short paper that can melt the officer’s heart rather than send them a memoir.

Stay Yourself

Honesty can be your savior if you want to stick out of the crowd. The way you think, feel and perceive is special, so let them speak for you until you have a long list of achievements to offer. What you aim for is the officer to feel like getting to know you, becoming interested in the way your brain works and see the potential in you as their future student.

Stick to One Subject

A common mistake in the race for likability points is trying to show how good you are in everything. However, trying to cover a few subjects at the same time will end up making an unclear paper without a conclusion. Select one topic and make sure everything you write about is related to it, or better, let someone else read you essay and make sure it is really so.

Looking Puzzled

Careful with Humor

Everyone enjoys a good laugh, but there are different things people find funny, so be very careful with using jokes. You would be surprised how easily others can be offended by an innocent phrase, and you do not want to find it out during the admission process.

Check Your Writing

It goes without saying that your writing should be proofread, and not only once. However, it is not only the format or the punctuation that can let you down. Check all the terms to be sure you have understood and used them in a right way. Take time to search how to spell a complicated name or whether the date you have included was correct. Your desired education establishment is an intellectual commune, so do not expect them not to notice such flaws.

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