500-Word Essay: How Long Is It?

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Although it may seem easy as a piece of cake, 500-word essay writing often takes long before it is ready for submission. Why does it happen? One of the reasons is that despite a number of words that have to be written, an essay completion is a multi-stage process that requires a good focus from the writer’s side. Here you will be able to find an explanation of those points which we consider the most crucial during the 500-word paper completion.

Topics for the 500-Word Essay: How to Pick a Right One?

In essay writing, two situations with topics mostly occur: either you are given a topic and have no idea what to write on it, or there is no topic assigned and you have no idea what it should be. Let us review both issues and instruct you how to manage them.

  1. The professor has assigned a topic for your essay. Say “thank you” to your profs since they have done a half of work instead of you. When you have a ready topic, you do not need to search for a fresh and interesting idea, come up with a proper formulation and confirm it with your professor once again. Imagine that you are a lucky one who can start a game from the second level when all others are still on the first one.
  2. You are to select the topic by your own. Say “thank you” to your profs since they did not set you into certain frames and you can select any theme you like and are interested in. Without doubts, there is at least one facet in the subject that you learn which seem attractive to you and you can tell the world some words about it. If you cannot, there are a number of sources for you to read and write your essay basing on them.

How to Avoid a Writer’s Block?

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So, you have got the marvelous topic, have read your instruction, know which steps you are to take, checked the recommended sources or found your own ones. But it still seems like something is missing. The words in your sentences stand not in their places and you cannot come up with any worthy phrase. This feeling can be called “a writer’s block” and happens really often – all students all over the world have faced it at least for once. Here is a brief guide how to resist the writer’s block:

  • Make sure that you are focused. Turn off all distractions like social networks, TV-programs, music and games. Although you may think that they are not interfering with your studies at all it is not true. Your brain is forced to perceive much more information and cannot concentrate on the main activity which is writing at this time.
  • If you are still lost, try to take a break. Go for a walk and look for some inspiration. The ideas for the essay may appear by accident even when you are thinking about other things.
  • Try to write in a different environment. For example, if you are stuck with your essay writing in a library try to go to café or your room. Maybe, the library atmosphere is too demanding for you or vice versa.
  • Freewriting is a good idea for the writers who are blocked: just write anything that you think about the topic of your essay and step by step you will come to some essential ideas which you will be able to use for your paper.
  • Brainstorm. Do not be afraid to write the ideas and phrases that seem you the most senseless. Through listing every thought, you will be able to find those notions that will be really valuable. 

How to Keep It Strong and Short?

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When you have to write the 500-word essay, does it seem you short or long? In fact, in order for your paper to have 500 words you will have to complete approximately 5 paragraphs that is a standard high school or college essay size. Make sure that you structure your paper correctly. All you have to include are:

  1. An introductory part with the representation of your topic and reasons for its selection. Also, it must end with thesis statement which is actually a central idea of your work overall. Further, you will elaborate it and explain with your arguments and proofs.
  2. Main body paragraphs. Ideally, there must be three of them in the 500-word essay. Every paragraph should be dedicated to a certain part of your general idea which is represented by an argument and examples.
  3. A concluding part. Refer to your thesis statement and an introduction but do not just copy them. Show the reader that you have proved your idea and conducted a valuable research.

When you reread your paper check whether it contains weak words – phrases and terms that do not provide an exact attribution but just give a general idea. Try to be as precise as possible so your reader gets a clear idea of yours.

Do not hesitate to use these pieces of advice but if more questions occur the support team will arrange the order for your perfect essay of 500 words.

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