How to write a PhD thesis?

What is PhD Thesis?

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A PhD Thesis represents a student’s substantial work and therefore needs to be done perfectly. PhD Thesis or Dissertation writing is a research report that concerns a problem or certain problems in your research area. Its goal is to describe the problem and what others did towards solving it and what you did to solve the problem. A PhD thesis should also cover your interpretation of the results. That’s why one of the most important things in writing a PhD thesis is the choice of topic and the formulation of the research questions. Writing a PhD Thesis is a serious matter because the expectation of the faculty is high.

When writing a PhD thesis or dissertation, it is advisable to use a sample PhD thesis. You can get such a PhD thesis online. The good thing about a PhD thesis pdf is that it contains many of the details that you will find necessary to include in your thesis. Such a sample will also enable you to get a good idea on the topic to write about especially those topics that are important in your course’s field of interest. A sample PhD Thesis will enable you to get a better chance to use MLA and APA formats in your paper.

How to Choose a PhD Thesis topic?

  • In order to get a good Dissertation or PhD Thesis you need to understand and be knowledgeable on the field of study. So, try to choose a topic that will be relevant to your previous field of study.
  • You should choose a topic that you will find easy to research because of the availability of sources. Make sure that you know what you need and where you can get the sources.
  • The other thing you need to do is to get an analysis of related work. This involves stating what a certain researcher is doing and the importance of doing that.
  • One more thing is to state the importance or relevance of your work. In this section, you should state your contribution towards the field of study that you are researching. You should study what other researchers have written about on your topic. By this you will be able to identify the gap that is present in current works about your field of study which your thesis can fill. The reason for this is that a PhD Thesis should contribute in an original manner to a knowledge field.

PhD Thesis Structure

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Though the structure of a PhD thesis may vary significantly, each PhD Thesis should include such mandatory parts as:

  • PhD Title page
  • Acknowledgment
  • Table of Contents (not an outline!)
  • Introduction
  • Conclusion
  • Bibliography

The structure of the main body of your PhD research may follow 2 basic patterns.

Pattern 1: You identify your research questions in the introduction, and then each chapter of the main body is devoted to a different research question.

Pattern 2: You identify your research question in the introduction. Then Chapter 1 is devoted to Literature review, Chapter 2 discusses your methodology regarding all your research questions, and the Chapter 3 presents your findings on all the research questions.

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PhD Project

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PhD Project or PhD Research Proposal is usually submitted at the beginning of your study at a PhD program. Many students usually start their PhD Thesis with very ambitious projects and later on find it hard to focus on the research question that they had initially. The main thing that you should do in your PhD project is to ensure that you have turned the big topic into manageable research questions.

While writing your PhD project try to formulate important research questions, so that they can help you to reach important results. Thus, let your research questions be as specific and manageable as possible. A PhD project usually includes literature review, working outline of the PhD thesis and schedule of the research.

PhD Thesis in Computer Science

If computer science is the field that you are studying, you will need a computer science PhD Thesis. Such a thesis involves studying a particular area of computer science that is significant. The thesis should show your ability to think independently and critically in order to develop completely original ideas from the research topic.

A PhD thesis in computer science usually has additional formal documentation requirements and it therefore involves a rigorous approval process. When making a PhD thesis in computer science, the following stages are essential. The first step is to identify a computer science topic that is significant, followed by performing significant research on the subject area of the topic and then analyzing the results of the research. The other steps involved include forming conclusions and developing recommendations, documenting the results and then presenting and defending your thesis

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