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Most of the students struggle with their Engineering, Mathematics, Accounting assignments etc., as they simply do not know, that they can get helped online. Furthermore, when they come to most of custom writing services asking “please help me write my paper on Computer Science”, they are most likely getting a refusal. This is a shame, because HqEssays.Com is always ready to assist you with the assignment of any kind and on any subject.

What Peculiarities Will Be Taken into Account Working on a Technical Order?

We have a number of adjustments to make the service more comfortable for the students with technical assignments. We understand the specifics of such assignments and we are willing to help you effectively.

  1. Possibility to Adjust the Number of Pages

    It is clear, that you cannot predict the number of pages needed for some of the assignment. For example, you cannot know how many pages the Math working outs take. That is why you can place your order indicating “help me with my paper doing as many pages as needed and I will pay for extra pages later”. Thus, we will charge you for the extra pages after your writer is done with the assignment.

    “I didn`t know that someone can help me write my paper on Mathematics. I thought you help with essays only. I am glad, that my friend has recommended you as I am definitely not good at Math and I don’t need to struggle any more”, Mathematics, “Linear Algebra”, 4 pages

  2. Accurateness

    We understand, that technical assignments require the maximum accuracy, as one number can turn the whole paper into a wrong one. Therefore, we assign only the true experts to work on such assignments and they do their best to meet your expectations.

  3. Different Files

    If talking about Statistics, Accounting etc., it is not always possible to complete assignment within the Word file. Some special programs may be required, and our writers can use them to meet your requirements. Thus, if you come to us telling “help me write my assignment using a special program”, you should tell what kind of program you need and if possible provide us with the required installation file. The completed order may be delivered in excel, pdf, ppt etc.

  4. Understanding the Specifics of the Assignment

    We know the difference of such assignments from the regular custom essay papers. Thus, the peculiarities are always taken into account, and the whole process of the paper completion differs.


    Type of Request


    Help Me Write My Essay on Literature

    Help Me Write My Paper on Mathematics

    Purpose of the Assignment

    To cover the topic

    To provide the solution

    Type of Content

    Mostly words

    Mostly numbers

    Writing Mode

    Suggestions, as providing of a subjective point of view is required

    Surety, the result should be exact and correct, objectivity is required

How to Order a Technical Assignment to Be Properly Understood?

To request a help effectively and without any misunderstandings, please follow the given steps:

Step #1: Contact Support Team

The support team representative will understand the nature of your assignment to assist you with the further process.

Step #2: Place Your Order

With the assistance of the support team you will know how to place an order for a request “help me write my assignment” properly and mention all of the details.

Step #3: Contact Your Writer

To make sure that you have been understood properly, please contact your writer directly. You can also ask him for updates to see that he is on the right direction.

“my assignment was really confusing, and I was afraid that my writer will do something wrong. Fortunately, he coped with the assignment perfectly as your company has really created good conditions for such orders completion and a great thank you for this!”, “Overheating Laptops”, 11 pages

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