Revision Policy: Prompt Check and Exact Amendments Guaranteed

Our staff of experienced writers and editors always stand guard over originality and literacy of the papers they work on. That is why we have come up with quite a reasonable idea of creating an effective paper revision service and including it into the list of our options.

You are welcome to see what we have finally worked out and how this service functions. Let us have a closer look at its specific characteristics and features.

When May Revision Be Requested by a Customer?

Please kindly take into your consideration that regardless of the situation which may determine the necessity for the amendments, you should clarify it by providing transparent and rational comments on or remarks to the order delivered to you.

Amendments Are Needed Due to Some New Instructions

It may happen that your assignment needs some upgrading based on the requirements that were not mentioned when you were filling out the order form for it. So when submitting your request, you can and, actually, should render the new details of the work to us, so that we could process it in a proper way and deliver the amended paper to you on time. 

Amendments Are Needed Due to a Customer’s Dissatisfaction

Although we do our best in order not to allow such situations to happen, still we have to admit that there may be some isolated instances when something about the completed assignment does not meet customer’s expectations. In such case the customer also has an opportunity to put in a revision for amending the paper, but still the reasons for it and additional clarifications are required. The request will be confirmed as soon as it is considered by our Revision Department.

Basic Regulations for Requesting Paper Amendments

We kindly ask you to pay your attention to the following provisions, so that any misunderstanding could be avoided during our cooperation.

Time Limits

  • All amendments are provided for free if your request is made within the 10-day period that starts after you have had your paper delivered to you.
  • For big orders (for 30 pages and more) 20-day term of free revisions is available.
  • After these terms expire, the revision option will require extra charge.

Pricing Principles

Free amending is guaranteed only if your instructions and clarifications for the revision do not contradict to the ones you provided initially. Regardless of whether the free-revision term has expired or not, you will have to provide additional payment. It will be calculated on an ad hoc basis.

Changing the Writer

This becomes possible after the current writer completes three revisions. However, in case you want to change your assignee, you should also support such a demand with valid arguments.

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