Whom you hire to write papers?

We hire only experienced academic writers, who have not lower than Master`s academic degree and passes all the tests suggested by our HRM department.

When can I get my order done?

It is up to you when to receive the paper. Due to having the proficient team of writers, we can do your paper within the shortest deadlines up to 4 hours! Options for longer deadlines are also possible.

What happens if customer claims about not being satisfied?

We offer free revisions and correction of mistakes as well as needed adjustments. If a person does not like the paper even after it was fixed according to the given comments, money back is also possible.

Can I get writer`s e-mail to send him files needed?

According to our privacy policy you cannot get writer`s contact details. However, you can still provide him with files, simply adding them to your personal page after submitting of order instructions.

How much is the price for paper being written for me?

Pricing depends on academic level, deadline and surely number of pages needed to be written by our writer for you. As prices are fixed, you can easily check them on pricing page. It is also possible to ask support team for help and for a discount.

Where is your location?

We are located in UK, Surrey, London. However, we offer our service and support for customers from various corners of the globe, having writers from different English-speaking countries.

Do you have guarantee that the paper written will be original and completed for me?

We have plagiarism free guarantee assuring you in originality of the paper. We check texts with our software for similarities detections and surely never send the same paper for different customers.

Do you offer any other service except writing from scratch?

Although writing from scratch is the most popular service, we can still help students, who need their drafts to be fixed. We can offer rewriting (correction/replacement of 70% of the text provided maximum), editing (same as rewriting, but only 30% can be fixed), and proofreading.

Are papers you complete published online?

No, all papers are delivered personally and securely only.

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