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What is the Aim of Writing a Dissertation Proposal?

Dissertation Writing

If you have been enlisted for Masters or PhD program, you must present a dissertation proposal as a compulsory requirement of completing the program. In most cases, the proposal goes along with the application process; hence it is highly essential to have it well defined. The research proposal should be aimed at two goals: showing that the research is required in order to fulfill the existing knowledge gap- and convincing that you are capable of conducting research that will serve the niche. While preparing your dissertation proposal, you should keep these two ends in mind. The introduction and research question should clearly point out what your research will concentrate on and your overview of sources, methodology and paper outline should reveal that the research is feasible.

Developing a dissertation proposal is the first and foremost step of preparing a dissertation. The more specific and well developed the proposal is, the better the dissertation will be. A well developed proposal helps the writer write down smoothly and get useful suggestions from the instructors.

After receiving approval, the proposal appears like a contract between the student and the authority. So, you should not put anything forward that you would not be able to accomplish.

What Should a Dissertation Proposal Include?

Often, the program authority or the instructors set the guideline regarding a dissertation proposal and how to compose it. Though variations are frequently noticed among these guidelines, the core dissertation proposal structure usually remains the same:

  1. Introduction – this part should include
    • Writing Proposal A summary of your research and how it serves to the academic accomplishment
    • Formulation of research hypothesis
    • Preparation of research questions with reasoning
  2. Literature Review
  3. Research Method – this phase should specify

    • The methods used for data collection and analysis (statistical analysis, structured or semi-structured interview, sampling) and rationale behind selecting these methods.
    • Your approach to your sources as either positivist or interpretivist
    • Whether the study will dwell on quantitative or qualitative analysis.
  4. Outline or organization of the research, generally each chapter should concentrate on each research question
  5. Time frame of the research
  6. Bibliography (either annotated or grouped by topics)

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Dissertation Help

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Tips on Writing a Dissertation Proposal

  • You should research the department where you wish to enroll yourself to make sure that there are instructors who might be interested in your research area and available to administer your project. It is highly recommended that you speak to your prospective supervisors in advance.
  • Prepare your research questions and hypothesis with great care: they must provide your supervisor as well as the committee a clear scheme of what you intend to do. They might be as crucial as the anticipated results.
  • Give clear description of how other people along with the research field itself will be benefited from your work.
  • Do mention your limitations. It is required to make sure that the scope of your project is realistic. Don’t forget that proposals are selected on two bases: their importance and intellectual aspiration and the possibility that the project can be accomplished by the candidate.
  • Make your proposal well defined and well structured. Poorly made or vague proposals show that the planned research may end into nothing.
  • Apply future tense in proposal writing. You may have conducted some primary research, but remember that you have not carried out the original research yet.
  • While describing methodology in a dissertation proposal, most of the students get baffled. You can easily write your methodology chapter by focusing on the core research questions and describing the type of the research that will be carried out to answer all the questions
  • Keep in mind, your topic is not engraved in stone. While working, you can add or leave out certain parts to make your project a grand success.
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