History Essay About Winston Churchill: Politician, Writer, and Artist

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He could be hated. He could be worshiped. But he would have never left anyone cold, either his contemporaries or descendants. If you open a Wikipedia article about him, you will definitely be amazed by the whole range of abbreviations that stand for all his titles. The true hero of his time, Sir Winston Churchill could nowadays be that leader who would probably be able to tell us what exactly we must do in order to survive, making all other politicians eat his dust.

Please don’t wonder I’ve set such a half solemn half sarcastic tune here. You are right, the last idiom is not that appropriate to be used in your college essay. However, after you check out what I’ve found for your History paper, you’ll understand my tone better. Let’s see what you can write about one of the greatest people of all times!

Short Preface: Understanding the Epithets

Let me first make it out for you: an epithet is a word or phrase to describe someone or something. So, why should you be careful with them when writing an essay about Winston Churchill?

A great man, a prominent leader, a gifted orator… Pay attention to these adjectives. You will see them in every book or article devoted to him. And he does deserve them. However, the many-sided personality he kept inside, is rather far from becoming a prototype for a “good character” of any story. On the other hand, Winston Churchill is one of those few leaders whose personalities have not been idealized so far, and that’s really nice of historians.

Yet, what I mean here is that you, and anybody, should not write about him as about a saint who saved Great Britain in World War II. In the beginning of this post you can find the word “hero”, but please note that it is used in the meaning of “extraordinary person”, not in the meaning of “the guy who saved everybody”.

To give you a better idea of Churchill’s “dark side”, I will just mention that he was against everything Mahatma Gandhi stood for. You know Gandhi, he was the leader of the Indian movement for independence in 1940s and, by the way, he was even nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize. However, the British leader could not put up with the idea of India’s independence and, as he was reported to say once, he would easily let Gandhi die from starvation during any possible strike.

Just so you know, in 1943 Churchill refused to release food rations to Indians, hence letting millions of people starving in a manmade famine.

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How to Write About Sir Winston Churchill’s Career

Make sure you can devote at least 2 pages of your research paper to it. Here I will try to highlight the most essential career achievement of his. However, Churchill himself said that his greatest achievement was to persuade his only beloved wife, Clementine Hozier, to marry him.

Long before he was chosen as Prime Minister of Great Britain in 1940, he was a soldier and even tried himself as a part-time war correspondent. And now think how many times young Winston passed the entrance exam to study at the Royale Military College…Thrice! Maybe, mathematics was the main challenge for him in the beginning of his career.

Nevertheless, in various military campaigns he traveled to North and Central Americas, North and South Africa, as well as Central Asia, upgrading his strategic thinking and writing skills at the same time. Those were the days of World War I.

Gaining and losing his seat in the British Parliament in the interwar period, Churchill was gradually strengthening his political will and sharpening his tongue. Having been unanimously chosen British Prime Minister, he could finally set his political genius free and encourage his people to fight against Nazism during the Second World War.

Although his second term is considered not as bright as the first one, after World War II he was known to direct all his diplomatic skills towards stopping the developing Cold War between the USA and the Soviet Union. But his political failures and threating problems with health forced him to resign in 1955, ten years before his death.

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More Interesting Facts About Sir Winston Churchill

They will help you add some piquancy to your college essay, so you’d better not skip these prompts if you want to make your writing really stand out.


Jokingly, Churchill was called the British bulldog. Well, not because he was fond of these creatures. Just because he was known as a determined, fierce, and focused man. Also, the author the two books from the trilogy of Churchill’s life biographies, William Manchester, called him the Last Lion.

The Nobel Prize for Literature

Yes, in 1953 Winston Churchill received it both for writings (he is the author of about 20 books), and for his mastery of oratory.

Contribution to the English Language

The man of Words. This is the third nickname which can be given to Churchill. The concepts of “iron curtain” and “the finest hour” might have never appeared in English but for his sense of wit. And, of course, we can’t forget about the now world-famous “OMG”, which was discovered in the letter written to Churchill by Admiral John Arbuthnot Fisher, dating back to 1917.   

This man was a maverick politician, historian, even artist, supported by loving wife and true friends. Who knows what our world would now look like if Sir Winston Churchill had never been born…     

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