What Can I Buy: How to Decide Wisely?

Student Lost in Store

Everyone likes to spend money getting something new and nice, our writers know that on their own. But very often our purchases don’t make us very happy. They lay somewhere in the attic covered with dust, because we don’t use them and feel sorry to throw them away. That’s why we have to think twice over a question “What can I buy?” before going to the store and spending our money on needless stuff.

Learning to Prioritize

Imagine that you have got some extra money, and of course you want to buy something new. Don’t get too excited and don’t rush to the store buying thoughtlessly whatever you want to get. Firstly, you need to think what you really need to buy. For instance, you have to get a formal dress to wear it to the job.

And out of the blue you see this amazing evening gown which is extremely pretty and expensive as well. You have money only for one purchase. Don’t yield to the desire to buy an evening dress which you don’t really need, because you are not a frequent guest at the events which would require such outfit, unless you live on the Upper East Side.

If you buy it, you will end up with useless but pretty gown, with no formal dress and no money as well. Likewise, before heading to the store think what do you need the most: new clothes, a new chair or a new mobile phone. Which thing would really make your life better?

Embarrassment of Riches

Imagine your old mobile phone went belly up and now you need to buy a new one. That’s really exciting to get a new phone with upgraded functions, awesome camera and other great functions. Though it is sounds like fun, take this purchase seriously so in the end you would get a high-quality product.

Firstly, check several websites which offer mobile phones and choose the model you want with a reasonable price. Check the characteristics carefully so as you are fully satisfied. Right now, there is a great variety of stores.

A lot of people choose online ones, because they save their time and spare them from standing in lines. Nevertheless, we recommend you to buy your phone in a regular store where you can test it, hold and see. Maybe its real look differs from the one you have imagined. It concerns buying other stuff such as clothes for instance.

When you order it through the Internet you cannot try it on. Maybe the chosen item will not fit you well or fabric won’t be of a high quality. It’s a good idea to test everything you buy before paying money for it. You don’t marry a person without having talk with them, do you?

Different Items Choosing

Carefully: Sales!

Everyone knows a proverb “All that glitters are not gold”. The same with sales. Sometimes you can get a great deal buying stuff on sales. Though very frequently chances are high that you are going to get a poor-quality product for lower price. Thus, while choosing things on sale, be very attentive and try to double-check everything.

Memories or New Shoes

Who said that we can buy only different stuff. Don’t forget that you can buy something more valuable than an expensive dress or a mobile phone. What can it be?

The answer is simple. It can be travelling, fun activities or your hobbies. Absolutely, there are people who can allow themselves buying everything they want and visiting other countries and places. Unfortunately, others have to choose what is more important for them.

We are so involved in buying things that we don’t think that maybe it would be better for us to save some money and get ourselves to some exciting trip to another city or a country.

You won’t need clothes you are buying now in 3 years, but memories you got from going abroad would stay with you forever. It is only up to you what to choose.

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