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Norwegian Gunnar Garfors is the youngest amateur-adventurer who visited all the 198 countries. Another amazing thing: this man went travelling without getting off his full-time job. He travelled on weekends and during his paid vacations. Garfors’s experience inspires and makes many people think. Everyone can travel and fulfil their dreams!

Our authors chose 15 most important and interesting tips from Norwegian traveler.

Think Out Your City Moves Beforehand

Of course, you always can take taxi, and get to any place that is interesting for you. But it is far more exciting (and cheap as well) to travel by public transport. To do this, see routs and schedule in the Internet before leaving for journey.

Know Precise Money Exchange Rate

Find out what money exchange course before visiting any country. How do you plan to trade if not knowing that?

Avoid Jet Lags

Jet Lag

There are two main rules about avoiding jet lags. First, try sleeping as much as possible during flights, and don’t drink coffee at any case. Second, try not to go asleep before dark after arrival to another country: this is the way for you to get your organism into normal shape faster.

Take Cash and Keep It in Different Places

There will occur situations when you’ll meet theft and fraud. It seems obvious, but it is really useful to keep cash in different places. Have most part of your funds in the inside pocket, and put small coupons anywhere else. And for sure, don’t get and don’t show valuable banknotes in public places.

Keep All the Needed Documents on the “Cloud”

Scan copies of all docs and upload them to any cloud storage service. You can use Google Docs or Drop Box for that. This measure is your safety guarantee while you’re on a trip.

Use Paper Guide

…In order to find out where you shouldn’t go. As a rule, those guides advise tourists to visit the same places of interest (even the visiting order is the same as well). This makes excursions worse, and their prices get higher. Plus, you’re going to be surrounded by other tourists. If that is what you look for: use guides as intended. If no: see places shown in guides for understanding where not to go at all.

Allow Yourself to Be Spontaneous

You’ll never be able to predict the most unusual and amazing things. Planning kills the best part of any trip: spontaneous and unexpected adventures! So, just lower your control and let yourself accept all the wonderful possibilities which open for you during the trip.

Taste Local Food

Degustation of national dishes is one of the best ways to understand the culture and traditions of another country. Don’t be afraid of trying something new: even worms can be tasty. At least, you’ll have something to tell your friends when you come back home.

Try Leaving Without Much Luggage

You are not going to need the most part of those things you plan to pack. Additionally, this is going to save you much time in the airport. Such “light” travelling will let you feel more freedom and control your trip better.

Weekend Trips

There are nearly 52 weekends in a working year. What does this fact mean? You have a perfect opportunity of leaving to another country for a couple days without taking a vacation. Believe, two days can be more than enough in order to get quickly familiar with another culture. Plus, you always can come back and discover the particular place for yourself more deeply.

Never Show Your Fear or Distraction

It is easy to get lost and astray in the place which is unfamiliar. If you got lost, try to look easy and get to the nearest street, shop or taxi. People who look astray can be easy targets for thieves and thugs.

Overnight for Free

You can stay overnight or ever spend few days in local’s house for free thanks to the Couch Surfing Internet resource. All that is needed is to fill in the form and choose the direction which interests you.

Locals Are Best Advisers, So Ask Them

As a rule, people who live in a place of your trip are the best guides (they surely don’t read booklets for tourists). Additionally, locals can tell you where the best cafes and restaurants are located.

Don’t Be Afraid of Trading

Trading on the Market

There are lots of countries, especially Asian and Near Eastern ones, where goods on markets do not have their fixed prices. The cost of a particular good is the result of your dialogue with a seller. That is why it is better to try buying something you liked with a serious discount. Keep in mind that this rule is actual only for street markets, you should not try bargaining in shops!

Do Not Forget About Smiling

Your smile is the best way to find common language with local people even if you don’t know their tongue at all.

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