Essay Topic Selection: Three Basic Steps

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Imagine being a sixty-year-old college professor. Tough, isn’t it? He has probably read all kinds of essays, and his collection of quotes from dumb papers only grows each year. How to write an essay, if your professor is tired of assigning topics and wants you to use your creativity for once?

Rule #1 Play on Safe Ground

The biggest quantity of dumb quotes from essays come from the fact that students venture into unknown and unexplored territories. It is understandable since familiar territory is always easier. Indeed, writing an essay about your dog is a hundred percent more efficient than composing a paper about the pros and cons of nuclear power usage in the world. That is why the first golden rule of selecting a topic states that you should stick to something that you know, and not try to win your professor with complicated essays that will only show how little of the topic you are actually aware of.

Rule #2 Type of Essay

No matter what you would like to write about, your idea can be put into one of the basic structural types of an essay. Describing, analyzing or comparing: develop the topic according to what you are going to cover in your paper. Structures and types of essay exist to keep the format united, make you stick to a logical thought process and make it easier for you to get down to work. When you mull over the idea of the essay, just like during cooking, you need to think through what the ingredients in your soup will be, and based on that, name your creation.

Cooking Soup

Rule #3 Combine and Fuse

Another rule to follow is to avoid following rules. If the professor has assigned a contrast and compare essay, he probably has already read a dozen papers on the hottest controversial issues that plague our society. The third rule pushes you to be creative, and to find a way that can be achieved. For example, you can combine and fuse a variety of topics, by fantasizing and imagining different outcomes. For an essay about the meaning behind environmental protection, which has already been written a thousand times before you, select an eye-catching topic like “Global Warming Does Not Concern Only Penguins” or “Rainforests Affect Your House Too”. Instead of the trite and boring “How I Spent My Summer Vacation”, you may fantasize with a topic that resembles this one: “Florida Holidays or How I Survived an Alligator Attack”. Sounds much more interesting, doesn’t it?

Bonus Tip

If you are still unsure what topic to choose and how to write your paper, do not write it at all. Save up your time and energy for more pleasurable pursuits, and it will guarantee you a headache-free weekend. Our writers will be happy to compose it for you!

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