Writer’s Tips: A Daily Schedule for Students

Before starting to work as a professional writer for Hqessays.com, I was always wondering, how some people can do that much tasks and still have time to rest, sleep and meet friends. The truth is, they have their own secret called “the daily schedule”. Let’s talk about increasing your productivity without leaving from home.

Student Schedule

Why is it Worth at Least to Try?

Generally, your daily schedule is the clear action plan covering all your activities. First it may seem to be dull, but such a lifestyle has its real advantages.

First, you have time to do more things. I consciously avoid using the word “everything”, because that is literally impossible. When you get into that system, you start thinking like: “Whoa, I’d like to study neurobiology, Spanish, Eastern dancing style… I’m so organized now”. Still, you can’t get it all.

Second, you are satisfied with yourself. The continuous feeling of satisfaction causes happiness and emotional rise to appear. You can call it however you like, but believe, that state of mind is really cool.

And the last thing, you get tired much less, you rest more and work much more productively. This is how you increase your stress durability, critical thinking and the ability to estimate your own possibilities.

These aspects are tightly connected between each other, and one of them “pulls others after itself. That is like a skeleton that supports your living energy and helps you stay powerful during weeks. You can reach that after nearly 7 days of providing your own diary.

How to Start

Remark at once: I’ll try giving overall recommendations, but still will base on my own experience. So, if this or that tip does not fit you, just do it your way. This makes sense, as you can create the most suitable and flexible system for yourself.


Everyone knows an average human needs to have 7 to 9 hours of sleep every day. Moreover, it is better to fall asleep and wake up at the same period of time daily. It is worth to refuse using gadgets and providing activities before sleep, and to do something calmer instead: to read a book or to have a walk on fresh air.

I try to stop studying or working on essays nearly an hour before sleep. Otherwise, my brain won’t have enough time to calm down and will go on producing new thoughts instead of resting. Still, I’ve got some friends who “switch off” once they get into a horizontal position, so you should analyze yourself here. The point to remember here is: your mind abilities depend on the quality of your sleep, so it is in your interest to make it be the best possible.

Morning Routine

There can be found hundreds of videos on YouTube touching this topic. If to say shortly, then a morning routine is a certain pack of tasks you do one after another every morning. There exists a book called «The miracle morning», saying about how and why it is worth to start a new day.

So, I decided to think out my own routine. It takes 20-25 minutes, and consists of morning exercises (10-12 minutes) and learning Chinese (nearly equal amount of time).

Such a routine is especially useful if you have an exam in the morning. Some time ago I could wake up and think: “Well, Doomsday is here. How can I pass that exam?”. And now, my first thought is about exercising, and the second one is about Chinese topics I plan to work on today. That is what helps you calm down. Further, I’d like to do my routine more extended, as it is unbelievably cool to start a day usefully and cheerfully.

Task Planning

Student Planning Tasks

Now let’s move to my favorite part: everyday task planning. I feel it comfortable to use a pen and a piece of paper, but many of my friends use smartphone apps or PC programs like Excel or recently killed Google Calendar. One of them uses both notebook and smartphone.

There are many systems to plan your tasks, you can try out many of them until you find the one that fits you.

My System

I do not use a certain system, it is rather a compilation of some of them. First of all, I plan the year. I’m lucky, as there are special pages in my notebook where I can write everything with a clearly determined deadline: events, exams, birthdays.

In a week plan I enlist clearly determined events, too. Then I add there courses, meetings, job tasks, homework, etc. Additionally, here come my ideas, lists of things worth to be remembered and so on.

I use a plan for a week to organize my days. I add a separate list of paper as a “to do list”, where tasks needed to be done within a current week are noted.

Every day I find out what I’ll do except of work: I can plan it by hours. Tasks that do not require a lot of time are noted to the same table where different ideas are.

It is worth to say, that not everyone needs hourly planning for their time. I use such an organization, because if I do not know what I’m doing to do in a certain moment, it makes me feel panic. It is more comfortable for me to know what is about to happen and when.

First you can feel it difficult to determine how much time this or that task is going to take. Here are two secrets. The first one is to start in advance (as it is possible) and then finishing the job basing on what already is completed. The second one is just to add 30 more minutes to each task.


  • 1. You do not leave time to rest.

    You are not a robot: an average human has to rest 10 minutes every hour, and the change of activity is far from being the way to distract. It is great if you go for the run right after classes. But an hour of language studies after three hours of math won’t relax you.

  • 2. You “rush” yourself. There are various situations that might happen: you feel bad, you have a headache or you just are tired. In such moments, it is worth to say “stop” and to have a rest for an hour or two. After you restore your energy, finish high-priority tasks and postpone all else till the next day.

  • 3. You are a slave of your schedule. Remember, there are things that do not depend on you. If your friends suddenly invite you to a party, go! You study every day, positive emotions will only add you energy. It is nothing bad if you fall back from the plan a bit. For instance, I never plan anything after 9 PM: this is how I have some reserved time in case if I fail to do something in time.


My first organizer looked like a simple copy book, and the formatting was made with the help of three colored pens and a pencil. Now I have a beautiful notebook, colored pencils, markers and stickers. The process of filling in the pages can calm me down. And if you like the organizer visually, there is an increased chance for you to go on using it.

So, making a daily schedule and keeping up to it is easier than you think. Just try it out and be happy!

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