Stress Essay: Useful Tips

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No wonder that this topic is so popular nowadays, as people are much busier than some years ago. They meet with stressful situations face to face every day, at home, at work or college and even while just walking the street. Nobody is insured from it. Here are several advices which will help you to avoid or overcome the stress.

Relax More

Of course, modern world demands from people a lot of efforts both mental and physical. How often do you feel exhausted in the evening after working or studying? Very often people sacrifice their break time in order to make something in terms of deadlines. Consequently, they haven’t enough sleep and drink coffee or energy drinks all day long. Sure, the health suffers and human’s body needs so much time to recover. The solution is spending any of your free-days without phone and Internet, avoiding restless nights, having some breaks on the open air.

Healthy Lifestyle

Maybe it will be difficult on the first terms, but it is definitely helpful. Avoid having snacks in fast food cafes and using car instead of walking. Moreover, yoga classes or running early in the morning will support you in fight against stress. Eat more fruits and vegetables; prepare some light food to take it in your office and drink a lot of water. In addition you shouldn’t have too many caffeine drinks.


Doing things, that you really like, is probably the best treatment, if you suffer from stress. Doesn’t matter what it is, dancing or writing novels, leave some time for your hobby in daily schedule. It will help you to isolate from problems and stressful thoughts.


Think about how much time you spend with your family, maybe it’s time to make a common dinner or go out together. Share your problems with them and you will feel the alleviation. Family members can help you to overcome stress by giving useful advices or just having talk with you. Of course, don’t forget about your friends. Instead of worrying and troubling invite them to watch a comedy in the cinema or play some sports. Remember that it is not a shame to speak about things that disturb you.


This is probably more suitable for women. Spend all your day shopping, buy some new clothes or items for your house. Anyway you will forget about stress. It is a good way; however it’s expensive as well. But, be careful, your family budget can suffer.

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Try to Be Positive

Maybe the reason of your stress is that you see everything in negative tones. The problem is in your thinking. Change the way you look at the world. Rejoice at small things, as sunny weather or bird’s singing and be happy to have what you have now. Very often people don’t appreciate something they already got. Commend others even if they have done something usual for you, your kindness will be back soon.

Finally, it is better to avoid stress than try to overcome it on the advanced stage. These tips will assist you if followed strictly. Remember that being in stressful condition shortens your life.

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