How to Stop Thinking Too Much

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Of course, when hearing about “thinking too much”, one should know that it is not about solving any important question or about a plot of the book one recently read. It is about usual everyday thoughts that “eat” your mood and spoil your relationships with others.

They want to get all of your mental attention: you re-think them in your mind time after time. “How should I behave in that case with the boss?”. “Will they understand me correctly? I could tell that more clearly, for instance like this…”. “What did he mean? Isn’t that a covered insult?”.

Such feelings not just constantly appear: you often concentrate on them. This constant repeating only harms you and leas to a stress. There is a determination for the word “overthinking”: “a repeating, circled up thought about oneself, one’s troubles and experience”. This status shows up in many ways: heavy thoughts, anxiety, negative expectations, being irritated. In a word, there are many reasons to start dealing with this trouble seriously.

Here are tips from our essay creators that will help you do that.

  • 1. Learn How to Be Conscious

    This is the first and the best advice. Really, when you are conscious, you will be able to notice your thoughts faster and to stop re-thinking them again and again. The biggest danger is that you are so distracted by them that you do not see or feel anything else.

    Don’t try to clean up your thoughts totally: you will not do that. Just see them, let them pass. Without estimating, thinking on variants, development and alternatives.

  • 2. Interrupt a Process Physically

    Rubber bracers will go well here. This simple trick really works. As only you see that you think on something too much, hit your arm with that bracer. You can say “Stop!” aloud or in mind. This is an easy move that helps you train being conscious and notice your own thoughts.

  • 3. Practice Thought Replacement

    Everyone understands, that when talking about stopping to think too much, they mean bad thoughts. So, replacement of a negative thought with the positive one would be great here.

    For instance, you have made a mistake at work, and your chief remarked that not positively. Do not think about you probably lose your job after that mistake. Make yourself think mistakes to be a part of a job, you have good relations with your boss as well. It is really bad if you will be fired, but you won’t harass yourself with those thoughts at least.

    Your new thought can be silly and not connected to reality. It does not matter. The point is, this thought interrupts your negative thoughts’ flow.

  • 4. Create Reality Reframe

    Or find out real state of things at least. It sometimes turns out that way, the same trouble happens to you during a single day, and you start thinking there is a law connecting these cases. But the point is, this case is nothing more but an accident. Logic, critical thinking, statistics – they are important. Estimate facts, don’t follow your perception. Even if it is partially right, it is only partially right.

  • 5. Call Your Friend

    Humans think too much when they don’t go out of their homes for days. It is good to have a hangout sometimes in order to calm one’s mind. Another viewpoint is what needed very often. You need to get out of rails of a single thought.

    A friend can give you a piece of advice or just laugh and call you a paranoid. Both things help.

  • 6. Stay Busy

    Why does this thing work? If you worry and think too much, then you are in the past or in the future. Being busy helps you stay in present. And there is practically no anxiety in present time.

  • 7. Learn How to Meditate


    This advice doesn’t say you “meditate”, because you need to learn how to do that first, and things are not that simple here. Additionally, the most part of people quit meditating after a week of practice. You need a great patience in order to learn how it’s done. Patience appears thanks to a meditation, and there is a circle.

    If you learnt how to meditate, this one skill will allow you to get rid of thoughts in seconds. You can spend 6 months learning how to do that, but the result is worth your efforts.

  • 8. Go in For Sports

    Sport is a universal advice. You probably won’t find a person who could claim: “I regret spending 20 years of my life on going in for sports! God, I was so fool and inexperienced!”.

    Sport does not allow you to think about past or future too much, because it needs you to stay in present. It teaches you to deal with stress and depression.

  • 9. Make a Decision

    People often think too much because they can’t make a decision. What smartphone color should you choose – the black or the white one? There is no bad variant, just make a decision. But sometimes it is difficult because you think you might lose something is you make your choice. That is why you are scared. But you need to consider all the pros and cons, and go further. You shouldn’t think for ages.

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