Social Network Pages: How You Personally Disclose Your Private Info

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Initially, the Internet was an anonymous network. Each user was registered under the nickname and he/she has never posted own photos. Nowadays in the era of social networks, each of us tends to self-expression and openness. In fact, your page is literally your face. According to your page, people make up an opinion about your personality. Therefore, if you don’t want the strangers to know some info what is not intended for them, then think about how to disclose your private info correctly.

Know Your Friend List

The social networks have blurred the concept of the term ‘friend’ a lot. I bet, your friend list is full of people whom you met maximum twice or absolutely unknown ones. A person can be your friend on the Facebook, but in real life you pass by without saying hello to each other. Furthermore, your parents and college professors may also have pages in the same networks. Even worse, when your parents are simply browsing your page without logging in.

Think First

This rule is an extension of the previous paragraph. If you are sure that your mom or professor is in the friend list, first think and then post. By the way, remember that personal info can always become public. Don’t post ‘drunk photos’ from the party in the Instagram, if you told your parents that you are in the campus at the moment, preparing for the exams. Also don’t tweet about how you haven’t started your paper yet, if you have told your professor that it is at the final stage. This simple rule will save you from many troubles.

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Watch Your Language

You know that your parents can learn a lot from your page, so think of what you say. Expressing the own opinion is a good thing. Twitter gave you a good opportunity to post your thoughts, but you need to know one thing. The info that once was posted will forever stay on the Internet. It will be very hard to explain the careless statements that were posted in hearts. There were many cases when students were excluded from the college, people were fired from their jobs. If some statement suddenly becomes public – it is very complicated to cope with the onslaught from the activists and media. This also can happen at the lower level. For example, you're mad at your professor for a bad grade and record an angry Snapchat story about it. If your professor sees it, he/she will have a prejudiced opinion about you. Therefore, in order to avoid unpleasant incidents, make sure what your words will not bring you problems.

Personal Info and Safety Tools

There are a lot of safety tools, like privacy settings, blacklists, and opportunity to make some posts visible only for a certain group of people. Of course, you can fill gaps with your personal info, tell about yourself, note your college and school, but don’t make a public access to very private info like phone number or address. Also, privacy settings are very useful, if you still want to post some photos from a party for your friends, but hide them from parents.

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