Making One’s Life Simpler

In modern life, people want to try everything, no matter who they are: economists, medics, businessmen, essay writers, clerks etc. Quantity, not quality becomes their goal. Once people look back, many of them may notice huge amounts of their time that was wasted on unnecessary activities that didn’t influence their lives, or even harmed them.

The Beauty of Simple Life

Beautiful Simple Life

Living simply, one can get rid of all the noise and trash in their life. You exchange chaos for calmness, consciousness, thankfulness and sense. This allows you to value your life and to see the best in it.

It is difficult to be happy being surrounded by thousands of unnecessary things and having countless thoughts in one’s head. Yes, it all can make you happy for some minutes, but it makes you dependent and sad in a long-term perspective.

Simple Life Advantages

  • Calm mind;
  • High performance;
  • Clearness and focus;
  • Freedom from owning something;
  • Having less things, but really valuable ones.

How to Simplify Your Life?

It has to be noticed: some tips are about physical things; other ones are about mentality. You need to simplify them both.

  • 1. Choose Quality Instead of Quantity

    How many things do you own? How many of them are really valuable? There are things that inspire and help, others get you energy away from you and cause stress.

    There is an opinion, that an average human can throw away a half of their things and to lose nothing after that. Maybe this is too radical for you, so get rid of 10% of your things at least. Start from something you haven’t used for a long time.

  • 2. Estimate Your Things

    Create a list. Yes, it is going to be long, but it is worth it. Now estimate your things from 1 to 10 points. Which of them are useful? Which are not needed at all? You had to throw away 10% of your things, now you should get rid of some more items every month.

  • 3. Limit Your Online Time

    This is a problem of the XXI century: too much information that is often useless.

    You visit tens of websites daily, and this process doesn’t allow you to concentrate and to keep your mind clear. Decide how much time you spend online and what websites you are going to visit beforehand. Keep up to this plan strictly.

  • 4. Get Rid of Impulsive Purchases

    You haven’t thrown away things that are unnecessary, and you continue buying new ones. Don’t only limit your purchases’ quantity, but buy only valuable things. Things which will simplify your life, not make it more complicated.

  • 5. Spend Less Time in Social Media

    Social media can not only take your time, but cause stress, too. There were numerous researches in this field: people compare themselves to others (even unconsciously) and then feel themselves really bad. Social media are unable to give deep answers, so a person keeps going through stressful situations again and again.

  • 6. Set Up Responsibility Schedule

    This works well for entertainments. You can’t ignore them, so set up time limits. If you can devote two hours for hanging out with friends tomorrow, keep up to that time. Or you’ll have to do other things faster.

  • 7. Analyze How You Spend Your Time

    Analyzing process will take you time itself at the start, but it will be effective later. Spend a week noticing how you spend your valuable minutes. You’ll wonder: useless activities are likely to take half of your day.

  • 8. Devote More Time for Being Alone

    Lonely Thinking Person

    It is time that will let you get your thoughts together and shape your mind. Don’t be too busy, otherwise routine is going to cycle you up and not allow you to estimate the situation correctly. Some people meditate while being alone, others write their diary. What is important is that you have to get pure thoughts as a result of this activity.

  • 9. Clean Your Computer and Phone

    You spend the most part of your day there. So, devote some time for organizing these devices. Delete a few apps, sort up browser bookmarks, provide a malware check and create shortcuts.

    These simple actions will simplify your life. Try them out right now!

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