5 Self-Improvement Experiments

You tried these experiments for sure: started going in for sports, kept up to healthy eating principles, changed web-surfing with reading books and so on. How successful were they? Did you finish what was started?

These experiments are often to last for few days and that’s all. They don’t bring any significant results. But if you mark a goal to live 7, 21 or 30 days doing something right, results may differ. One of our essay service writers decided to take a closer look at the self-improvement results and where they can lead.

  • 1. Meditate During 30 Days

    Meditation Self-Improvement

    Don’t miss a single day, meditate 1-2 times a day. Start from 10 minutes and gradually go to 30.

    What will happen: You’ll feel your days to become much longer. The opposing feeling already happened: weeks passed one by one in a blink of an eye, and the feeling of nothing to change made you sad. Meditation allows you to hold the time not only during the process, but during things happening after as well. You’ll live every moment of your life, shape your emotions and mind.

    What to do next: go on with meditating. Meditation has one problem: you need to go in for it for at least a month in order to get good results. You’ll understand why you need it all after. So, don’t stop. You know the advantages. Don’t miss the opportunity to live your life consciously.

  • 2. 30 Days Without Caffeine, Cigarettes and Alcohol

    Sooner or later, every human understands these stimulators to take more than they give. They cure symptoms called out by themselves. You should understand this truth earlier, before the process becomes impossible to be fixed.

    What will happen: you’ll sleep better, worry less and concentrate your attention on what improves your life, not on what makes it worse. Another important thing: you’ll save your funds. Depending on a person, this refusal will save you 10 to 50 percent of monthly exes.

    What to do next: it's your call. You can refuse it completely or consume significantly less than you used to. The second option is not recommended in case of smoking.

  • 3. 21 Days Without Complying

    Will Bowen says in his book «A Complaint Free World», that it is enough to spend some time without complaining, and your vision of the world and relations with other people will be totally changed. The only thing is: once you break your word, start from zero.

    What will happen: changes will be impressive. You’ll really notice them after the first day. Are there people who don’t like optimistic persons that don’t spoil one’s mood, don’t complain and deal with their troubles on their own? Everyone loves them, from strangers to employers. You’ll fix your psychics and start noticing hundreds of possibilities This will change your life, and people around you as well.

    What to do next: the next stage is the ability to stay calm when others comply to you. You’ll start influencing people, calming them down and giving right pieces of advice.

  • 4. Writing Down All the Completed Tasks for a Week

    Task List

    Many productivity experts give this advice and it really works. Write down how you spend your time, even in minutes.

    What will happen: this experiment will pass perfectly, as it takes just a week, and you need nothing but a pen and a notebook. Write down the quantity of hours when you slept, cooked meals, ate, worked. If you analyze it all, you’ll get rid of numerous bad habits and be more conscious about your time.

    What to do next: if you are impressed with results, go on. It is not obligatory to be done on a daily basis. It is enough to analyze your time once a week. But summarize days you lived and try to understand what goes wrong and interrupts your development.

  • 5. Get Rid of One Thing Daily During a Month

    It will be easy and funny at the start, everyone has unnecessary things. It will get more complicated in a week or two, when you’ll need to think about what to throw out next.

    What will happen: your house will be put to order; your thoughts will become free as well. All the things that left will be on their places. You’ll really use them, and you’ll know what they are needed for.

    What to do next: this experiment can be continued until you’ll have only necessary things. Don’t forget about a simple rule: throw out the old thing after buying a new one.

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