Research Paper Topic for Middle School: Suggestions

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When you begin to write your research paper, the first thing you need to do is choosing your topic. Sometimes it is hard and takes time, but your grade depends on it. It would be great if you have a few days for thinking about your topic. This way you will choose carefully and your topic will be interesting for both you and your classmates, so the process of writing will be a pleasure for you. Nevertheless, the choice of topic on the last night before the deadline of your research is a usual situation for students, isn’t it? Here are some options you can consider while choosing your topic, but still think about your own preferences.

Developing of an Educational System: from Ancient Greece to Nowadays

You can find a lot of information about the first schools and universities in the world. Also, you can concentrate on the American educational system and the way it became the way it is now. In this wide topic, you can find some special subject you will work on. You can be original and try something like “Russian Educational System”. Reading some information about this would be really interesting for you, and your choice will differ from others. Another option is learning about the history of your own university – not in Wikipedia, but finding some new facts and information your teacher has not known before.

Genesis of Languages: Origin of Modern Languages

Have you ever thought about the origin of English or other foreign languages? Why some languages have so much in common, but some others are so different from each other? The research about language groups and branches, history of many ancient nationalities and developing the language from the Neanderthal to the Modern American would be very interesting. You will find out why French and Italian have so many words in common and why people still learn Latin, even when there is nobody speaking it.

History of Social Inequality

In our country, all the people, men and women, rich and poor have the same rights now. However, it was not that simple all the time. For many years, we had the problem of gender inequality, and it is still normal to discriminate against women for some countries, for example, United Arab Emirates. This question is extremely important; everyone should be aware of the fact that some communities have such a situation in their society. It helps us to appreciate our freedom and rights. In addition, your knowledge about other cultures tells that you are a well-educated and intelligent person.

The Greatest Geographical Discoveries


It is a wide topic, so it is advisory to choose a few discoveries and their history that would be interesting especially for you. It would be better if you found some disclosures most people do not know about. This way there would be a chance that your topic was not used before by someone else.

The Influence of Junk Food on Our Health

It is one of the main problems people all over the world have. Especially American people often prefer junk food and do not even think about some healthy options. Eating a hamburger or fries is a common thing for students, isn’t it? Doing this research, you can find some interesting things for yourself. After that you may change your opinion about dieting, and influence your classmates. If you help at least one person to become healthier, you will do a great work.

The Role of Sleeping in Our Life

Have you ever had a question like “How can I get enough sleep, if I have a lot of homework?” Now you can get to know about it by yourself. You will learn the phases of sleeping and find out what time is the best for sleeping. It would be interesting and useful not only for you, but also for your classmates or any people who will listen to your presentation of your research.

The Tragic Fate of the Artist in a Totalitarian Society

You can do an interesting research based on the biographies of some famous writers, artists or scientists, whose works were not appreciated when they were alive. Furthermore, the attitude of society to them and their achievements were completely different, specifically negative. Often these talented people were arrested or sentenced to death. Try to analyze this situation and find out the causes and results of such an attitude to the greatest people of the past.

Book Versus Film

It would be an eternal question for teenagers: “Why should I read a book, if I can watch a film based on it?” or “Will people read books in 10 years?” Try to express your own opinion using some facts and examples of good and bad adaptions of a book.

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