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It is important to know how to write a proposal essay, especially for college and school students. It is very hard for inexperienced teenagers to create such a paper without any professional tips and hints. It is no wonder as a proposal essay has its own specific structure and peculiarities. What does it actually mean? This type of paper shows the author’s ideas and some arguments to convince a reader that they are right. It sounds simple, but students definitely need an example of such an essay. We presented a short variant of it below.

Essay on Children’s Awareness of Internet Usage

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Thousands of teenagers and younger kids are not aware of the real dangers of the internet. They spend dozens of hours per day in front of computers. Usually, their parents do not notice it at first. However, it may be too late after several months of such a behavior. The internet contains lots of violent materials, inappropriate content for children and free access to any kind of information. Moreover, there is a lot of false information on the websites, but kids trust it without any thinking. It is possible to reduce the time, which young people spend online. How? Development of specific programs for parents’ control over the web pages, which their kids visit, is a good solution. It will help to prevent many unpleasant events: conflicts between teenagers, damage to the children’s mental health and blurring of the view on the moral rules of behavior.


First of all, a specific contest between software developers should be held. Thanks to it, it will be possible to choose the most effective program, which does not break the children’s privacy and prevents visiting inappropriate websites by them at the same time. After choosing the best one, the software will be tested by several volunteers: families, who agreed to participate in detecting bugs to let developers fix them.

Benefits of Such Programs

  • Children spend less time in front of the computer and their parents can control this issue strictly. As a result, their health does not suffer: no problems with eyesight, muscular and skeletal illnesses and others.
  • Kids will not observe as much rudeness and violence as they do now, because there are no certain boundaries. This type of software will let parents ban some websites and save their children from becoming more aggressive and stressed.


The main result of the realization of this idea is getting a ready program to control children’s attendance of different websites and banning inappropriate content. As a result, students will become calmer and more respectful to each other. They will not suffer from addiction to the computer and the internet. It helps to improve grades at school or college.

Skills Which Are Needed

  • Being aware of computer technologies and familiar with the internet.
  • Good planning and time management in order to provide a contest and apply the ready-made software.
  • Developed communication skills, which will help to explain the importance of such kind of control and its benefits.


This project will give a lot of benefits both to children and their parents. This is a cure for young people’s aggression and anxiety. That may reduce the amount of cases of school violence and improve the relationships between teenagers in general.

Formulation of Purpose

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This is the most significant part of a paper and you need to pay more attention to it. Firstly, it should not be too long. The main point is making a statement clear without any unnecessary words. It may consist only of few sentences. Do not explain the ways of realizing your project here. There will be a separate paragraph for it.

Preparation and Resources

We did not mention these points are our short sample of a proposal essay, but they may be essential in your case. Put down some information about the preparation of your project: which things should be done and why. It is better to make it in a form of paragraphs. Secondly, you should add a list of needed resources. For example, a budget for your project, the necessary amount of time and so on.


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Do not forget about the list of resources, which you used to create your paper. Pay attention to citations and make them correctly. Add the list of books and websites that you have read in order to write a proposal essay. In this way, no one can say that you plagiarized some elements in your text.

All in all, the writing of purpose essay is not a complicated task thanks to our advice and example. Sure, this is a short variant of such type of papers. However, you can use it as a guide to completing your task and using correct structures. You can add more information and make a long essay, if there are such instructions. It mostly depends on the idea of writing and its purpose. Essays for school or college are not very long as a rule. However, they should be informative and clear for a reader, namely a teacher, who will check your work. We hope that these tips and hints are useful for you and you will be successful in writing a proposal essay. 

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