Why Learning Is Procrastination

Procrastination and Learning

Thanks to a technological progress and instant internet access, any human can nowadays learn even from home. It would be silly not to use this possibility for improving one’s knowledge and skills.   

Additionally, people partly just have to do that, because modern world has much higher demands than it used to have ever before. It literally makes you increase your tempo on purpose.

No wonder, that people try being everywhere simultaneously and doing multiple things at once. No doubts they do everything they can in order to gather small bytes of information from any existing channels, because they are afraid of falling behind if they stop. No matter who they are – students, essay authors from hqessays.com, medics, sales managers or anyone else…

All in all, you enter the non-stop learning regime. You can’t allow yourself to miss something important. You will try to read every book that comes to your hands. You listen to every podcast your smartphone can load. You enter each online course available and affordable for you.

In a word, you learn. You learn as much as possible. You learn as intensively as you can.

You learn how to write and publish a book. You learn how to launch a successful blog. You learn how to achieve a goal on Kickstarter. You find out how to create one more “unicorn”. You find out how to get a job of your dream. You find out how to sell thousand items on Amazon Successfully. You find out how to earn millions with passive incomes. Nevertheless, the point is you doing everything but direct actions.

This activity does not make you closer to goals you want to reach. Even the greatest knowledge will not make you more powerful and successful unless you use them in practice.

The main secret of success means not gathering the overwhelming amount of experience. It means the ability to use knowledge you have.

Knowledge means nothing until you use it. Of course, learning is the main point. But it has to transform. You need to stop learning from someone else’s experience, knowledge, mistakes and victories and to start learning from your own failures, adventures, achievements and daring activities.

Learning became the main trend of XXI century. Unfortunately, it became a new form of procrastination as well.

You consciously delay your first step, thinking that you want to expand your knowledge and learn new things. You delay the start date, motivating that with your will to get new skills that would help you reach success faster. You delay your chase for your own wishes, because acting on your own and creating your personal story of success is much harder than reading about someone’s experience.

And yes, nobody ever blamed you for being a time waster. Moreover, you feel comfortable while staying in this simplicity and comfort zone.

Stop Procrastinating through Learning

Procrastination Stop

But the point is, you already have and know everything that you need in order to start. In reality, there is nothing you could learn in order to make your first step.

Accept this truth. It does not matter how good your theoretical knowledge is, you will meet lots of obstacles while starting to practice them. You are going to deal with problems you never read about it any book. You are going to find and make spontaneous decisions nobody found ever before. You are going to project your own way to success.

Do not learn through thoughtless consumption. Learn through creation.

Do not learn through researching. Learn through work.

Do not learn through listening. Learn through speaking.

Do not learn through reading. Learn through writing.

Do not learn through watching the game. Learn through playing it.

Stop delaying. Start acting.

Turn your learning process from a constant procrastination into the endless process of gaining priceless experience on your own way.

This seems to go against a common sense, but old ways of learning are exactly what pulls you behind. They are what deny all your achievements.

If to learn constantly, to estimate ideas, to think out and visualize your way to your main wishes, you can’t go any further from where you are now. What can help you proceed are actions.

You can sit and go on researching while someone takes dividends of their productive work.

Stop to just learn. Become brave enough to make your first step and to start learning from your own experience. 

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