Pre-College Anxiety and Ways to Make It Disappear

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As for a soon-to-be freshman, the word “college” must sound exciting and terrifying at the same time. After all the final exams, application process, difficult decisions, you are finally ready to pack your bags and leave…or are you really? There must be so many different thoughts in your head right now, like how to make new friends, how to live away from parents, how to part ways with your friends, among hundreds of other worries. Here are some useful tips on how to calm your nerves down; you may want to check them.

Find Connections

When you are nervous about something, a good way to calm yourself down is to talk to someone who has already been in your shoes and knows how it feels. Listening to a couple of funny stories about other people’s freshman years will surely help to ease your nervousness and tension. So if you know anybody who is already a student, talk to this person. If you don’t have any, find friends who have elder siblings and try to find the ways to befriend them. These individuals can be your reliable source of information regarding what college life is really like. Remember, though, different colleges have different traditions so all the stories you’ll hear won’t necessarily find its repetition in your life.

Create a Plan

Try to plan out your first week in college. Check out some interesting activities on or out your campus and choose the ones you’d like to attend. Promise yourself to sign up for different organizations and clubs so that you could have a lot of things to do and get a lot of people to get acquainted with. That will surely give you a chance to have something to look forward to and make some of your nerves to disappear as your head will be busy with other important thoughts.

Prepare Yourself for Classes

A lot of fears are often connected with future studying process. Like, how the classes would be like? Will it be heard to study everything? What teachers will be like? A good tip will be to review your old notes, especially for the subjects related to the ones you are planning to take in college. This way you will mentally prepare yourself for the studying process and that will also help you to become more self-assured in your knowledge and less freaked out about the future academics.

Visit Orientation

Students Orientation

Even if your college doesn’t require your presence on the orientation, it’s still worth visiting. You will be to get a feel of students’ life, meet some new friends, and get to know a lot of useful information. The majority of schools also offer meetings with advisers for their future freshmen, so if you are not sure about what classes to choose, they will be there to help you with your choices with a piece of a good advice!

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