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It is vital not only to compose your text in an original and creative way but also set eyes on other essential parts of your work. For instance, you have to make an outline for your article. This is one of the most significant things which shows the quality of your work and prepares the reader to the materials, which you put down in the main piece of your text. After you choose a topic for your report, you have to turn your mind to the creation of the outline. It is not as easy as you may think. This demands a full concentration and awareness of the major theme of your work. Many teenagers encounter difficulties while trying to make an outline, especially if they have a complicated and broad topic. We want to uphold you with this type of work and give some useful tips and samples.

Its Main Parts

First of all, you should know the exact structure of the outline for papers. It usually holds several main components: the read-in, body and corollary. It is essential to pay enough attention to each of them, as an outline is a kind of basis for your future paper. Keep in mind that if you do not follow certain requirements, your professor will probably put you a worse mark. Below we will elucidate the major features of all these parts and give some samples of them.


The first piece of your text should be a short and clear paragraph, which has to comprise the major idea of your clause. You should explain the reasons why you select a certain topic, its importance and some questions, which you present in your article. Do not make it broad. The introduction has to include only the major points, which are discussed in the paper. It is a typical mistake when young people start writing about the details and side things. As a result, they break the main requirements: shortness and lucidity.


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It is essential to create a correct body of your outline: this is the major part of your work. It has to include your points of view and arguments, which prove them. Do not use an uncertain resource while searching information for it. It is better to follow scientific research, facts or things from documents and archives. You should develop at least two arguments for each position to make your main paragraph full and clear. It is possible to operate different specific terms, especially if you complete a record of your personal survey. However, make certain that you put them down correctly: inappropriate usage of phrases may cause a bad grade for your paper at all.


This is the place there you have to compose all the statements and facts from your paper. It is possible to repeat some things from the first piece of an essay and add some things to your main thesis. It is vital not to make this paragraph too broad and explain things clearly. It should prove your major idea and not cause even more questions on your topic, as it will mean that you badly described information in the body.

Our Sample

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Let us say, if you have a topic: “Life and oeuvre of Shakespeare,” you should start with explaining the necessity of researching the biography of this author. You can mention that despite many surveys have been made, it is still not clear for everyone. You can say that this person has lots of amusing facts in his life story, which should be analyzed. It is true that life events and periods have a big impact on writer’s creations and success. The next step is writing the body of your outline: start with childhood. Mention about the Shakespeare’s family: parents and other relative usually have a great influence on author’s future works. They may even become prototypes for some of the protagonists of his plays. It is significant to add some information about Shakespeare’s private life, especially his wife and the way he insipid him for writing poems. The major part of your outline should include facts about his creative works: tragedies, comedies, sonnets and other poems. Concentrate your attention on the most famous of them: there is no need to research everything in details. It is better to explain the main features of Shakespeare’s works with using one or two examples. Analyze how his creativity had changed during his life. Usually, writers have a different style at the start and the end of their way. The last thing to mention is Shakespeare’s last years of the life and the way people recall him nowadays.

All in all, we hope that this article is helpful for you and you will prevent lots of typical students’ faults made while writing an outline for your papers. This demands some time and efforts, but with training, you will quickly improve your skills. The main things you need are concentration and concernment in your subject. They guarantee a big part of the success. Hopefully, you will use our tips while dealing with the creation of an outline and make your skills perfect thanks to them.

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