Points that Are to Be in Your To-Do List

To-Do List

Most people have their to-do lists overwhelmed. But if to devote some time and think over it, then you can see that more than the half of tasks are simply unnecessary or even harmful for one’s productivity. You can get more time for something useful if to cross them out of your list.

Learning How to Learn: How is it Better to Get Knowledge?

Getting Knowledge

People learn during their whole life, from childhood till becoming wise greybeards. Playing the guitar, new software, growing up children: human’s brain constantly gets new information, though this happens with various speeds. While being a child, a person can consume and remember new info very fast, but the older they become, the more difficult is to study something new.

Working on Your Own

Self-Motivated Work

Many people find learning or working under someone’s leadership to be much easier than doing same things on their own. Grades or salaries become their motivation in that case. What if nobody puts you marks for certain activities and results, and you are busy with a self-education to get skills which are not going to bring you profits on the next day? In this case, things go much more complicated, and it means laziness and procrastination are going to stay with you on the way. How to get rid of them?

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