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The company of friends arrived, popcorn is ready: it is time to laugh upon a movie about crazy life of students! You should not waste much time to look for any cool series: here are the best movies about students and for students. Presented by

Student Movie

1. “Community” (USA, 2009)

Episode Length: 22 minutes.

A former lawyer has to enter a public university because they found out about his his fake diploma. To find common language with his groupmates, he decided to organize Spanish language courses, visited by a millionaire, an injured ex-sportsman, a naive girl who is an excellent student, a religious single mother, a young man who is in fond of virtual world, and a blonde-anarchist. Despite their controversial character features and views, they become close friends and make a new community. Their studies turn into adventures, jokes and fun, that make every episode curious and easy to watch.

2. “Greek” (USA, 2007)

Episode Length: 43 minutes.

Events of this movie take place in a fictitious university “Cyprus-Roads”, where, according to the Greek educational system, students are divided into brotherhoods and sisterhoods. The central character of all the events is a first-year student, who only starts to discover all sides of student’s life. Sleepless nights before exams, parties, rival brotherhoods: will he be able to pass through these trials?

3. “Off the Hook” (Great Britain, 2009)

Episode Length: 30 minutes.

Everyone who was a first-year student knows this stage to be special. This is a movie about those who only start their student life and try out its advantages and disadvantages. If you want to feel yourself a newbie again and to remind yourself how it all started, this movie fits you the best.

4. “Undeclared” (USA, 2001)

Episode Length: 22 minutes.

What does student’s life look like? Main characters of this movie prove student years to be the funniest ones. Parties, friends, alcohol, love: everything goes as it used to be in a funny American sitcom. The father of the main hero who passed through a divorce is the original add-on to the main plot. He has nothing against getting back to youth times and  spending time together with a company of young friends.

5. ”Fresh Meat” (Great Britain, 2011)

Episode Length: 40 minutes.

Mixed-up drama and comedy series about first-year students who got far from their homes for the first time and stand before their adult life. Are they ready? They try to adapt to a new life stage which is full of adventures, and they want to find out who they are and who they are about to become in future. The movie shows up “the evolution” of students: 4th year of studying brings completely other problems and tasks if to compare it with the 1st year. The main question is: will they deal with troubles?

6. “Glee” (USA, 2009)

Episode Length: 44 minutes.

Spanish language teacher takes a risk of starting the tough deal: he dares to restore the glory of a formerly famous school choir and to become its leader. The task gets even more difficult because of choir participants: the whole school laughs upon them. But the teacher is not afraid of difficulties, and he goes on changing lives of his students. The movie is about ambitious students and their will to get rid of their reputation of school losers. Will they be able to restore the past glory of their choir?  

7. “The Best Years” (Canada, 2007)

Episode Length: 60 minutes.

Dramatic series about the life of an orphan girl who dreams about entering the university. High school grades help her to make that dream come true, and she meets new friends, combines job and studying. Her life changes, becomes more interesting, really adult and full of trials.

Student Film

8. “Glory Daze” (USA, 2010)

Episode Length: 45 minutes.

Events of the movie take place in far 1980-s. Despite numerous parties and entertainments, four friends think about their career. But starting the independent life is not that easy: old habits refuse to just disappear. Heroes are about to meet many difficulties, and solve numerous problems.

9. “Hellсats” (USA, 2010)

Episode Length: 43 minutes.

The main topic of this movie is the severe world of cheerleading. One girl lost her scholarship  grant, and now she has to choose: to join the local team she always laughed upon or to leave college. She decides to join the college sports team and now competitions, competitors and new game rules expect her. Will her choice be correct?

Buy a lot of popcorn, call your friends and watch these wonderful movie series!

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