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There are so many reasons why youngsters should truly love their lives. For some it is not even a question of spiritual quest, they just love living it. Though, for people who are in search of new life, enjoying resources of this essay writing service may be useful.

Here is an advice that might be a bit strange for you to be in high spirits thanks to the world and what it offers.

It Is Simple!

Try to find your favorite 15 seconds that are worth happening, enjoying the routine (that's right!), and loving the life.

For example: you know this feeling when you are diving into the sea or the ocean and swimming under the water? The very first 15 seconds seem like you are dissolving in the water flow. Your whole body is engulfed with nice coolness, and a very special moment comes when you forget about everything. The only thing that remains is a pure understanding that you are alive and should appreciate thrilling moments like this one.

Person Under Water

A similar feeling comes when you walk out of the sports hall. The training has passed in a good and intense way, and in the changing room you just drop onto the bench as if fully exhausted, but in the following 15 seconds when you sit there motionlessly, you can feel how the tension in the muscles slowly begins to disappear. It gives great pleasure knowing how strong you are and this pleasant sensation eventually relaxes you completely.

If you are sinking in boundaries, obligatory tasks, everyday problems, find an escape thanks to the feeling of freedom. Is saying it simpler than actually doing it? Not exactly. With time you will know for sure what makes you feel free of all the social pressures. It can be bungee-jumping, dancing, jogging, drawing or cooking: it doesn't matter. Take up different activities to discover the way that will clear your head and bring you, if not happiness, then, at least, joy and satisfaction.


Learn how to love living with music. Always carry your headphones so that music can "fix" you whenever it is needed. The right music at the right moment can help you perceive your surroundings in a more optimistic way.

Cheerful Pedestrian in Headphones

Music is what can help any person to feel free, happy and capable of everything. It is magic available for everybody. When you are walking down the street, listen to music and feel the wind around you, let the sun beams light up your face - smile at the world, and it will smile back. It is sure, that if you share your moment of happiness with people (even accidental passerby) it will do you only good.

Universal Receipts

It is actually interesting to find out could the phrases "to love life" and "to love to live" possibly mean the same? Probably, they have much in common, but there is a fundamental difference. The first notion may be interpreted as the fine words. Ask a person what is life and you won't notice how a philosophical discussion will start. It has a varied sense, because each of us will define life in various words. The second one has much to do with KNOWING how to love life, and behind this knowledge may stand a painful experience with regrets, mistakes and, above all, finding spiritual strength to LEARN how to love to live.

A student's life is full of shocks, pleasant and not very pleasant events, and sometimes we react in a very expressive, sharp and cruel way, dropping terrible words like "I hate my life" or impetuous "I love my life". These come as a reflection or an emotional response to a particular situation, so rarely the speaker reads the real significance in such phrases. That is why young people who know the value of the principle "I love to live" truly deserve respect.

Teenage Angry Outburst

It is only a matter of accurate usage of the word. Be careful with the words you say.

Simple Little Things

Whatever strikes us, remember that there are always "simple little things" that can make our day brighter and worth living.

  • Love to live for the family support, for the conversations with friends who will always find the time to bring the good mood back to you, in case you lost it on your way when dealing with problems.
  • Love to live for the delicious things that can undeniably give you a satisfaction and joy, even if has a short-term effect.
  • Love to live for the books - the emotions they give, lessons they teach and ideas they present. Don't forget to remind our inner robot that there is beauty in our life.
  • Love to live for the opportunities you gain, for the chance you get to do whatever you want.
  • Love to live for the meetings with interesting people, getting an inspiration, receiving an experience. There is always a time for spiritual growth.
  • Love to live for the summer vacation and all the "presents" it gives us: picnics, small sport competitions, card games, photo sessions (why not come up with a theme photoset, creating some pattern and then making it real?).
  • Love to live for having sleep - just feel the comfort before falling asleep and try to write a scenario for an adventure. Ask yourself a question: what would you do if I had a magical power? What would it be? Or consider what would you do with 1 000 000 dollars? Or ponder about yourself having wings and the ability to fly. Such small tasks will stimulate your imagination, forcing to create a wonderful adventure. As a result, in the morning a good mood appears and a great story to share.

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