Life Principles We Know but Don’t Follow

We all know about these life principles, but very few people keep up to them. This is not right: some rules can change one’s life completely. Essay authors from our online writing service decided to remind everyone about them.

  • 1. Act, Don’t Dream

    Action Life Principle

    People often dream about doing something crazy. To climb on top of the Everest, to run a marathon, to jump with a parachute, to open a business, to leave for the journey, to write a book, to record an album, to film a movie… It can be described endlessly.

    Remind yourself about your wish-list points. Now answer: why didn’t you do it all yet? The answer is the same in most cases: it is difficult. Well, there is no will to disappoint you, but life is to be difficult. Learn this lesson.

    Do not run form difficulties. Learn how to overcome them.

    No pain, no gain. You won’t run a marathon if you don’t train persistently a lot. You won’t open a business if you don’t devote yourself to that task completely. Willpower needs your character to be hardened.

  • 2. Avoid Negativity

    People catch up negative emotions at work, at home, at the public transport. People are instinctively open for negativity. This is why they seem to see so much lie everywhere around them.

    Do not allow bad mood and character of other people to spoil your life. People always try to justify the others’ behavior. “They’ll change and everything will be good”. Did these thoughts appear in your head? You know you can’t change a person, don’t you? They’ll change when they want to. Remember that and don’t get stuck with negativity.

  • 3. Give More than You Get

    Someone took care about you while you were a child. You got food, home, education, and a lot of love if you were lucky. It’s a pity, but many people think this is normal in their adult life. They just take, take and take.

    They think they have to get all they want. But who said that you are to get the job you try to employ on? Who said you are to become famous worldwide? Nobody owes you anything.

    Don’t concentrate on your wishes, think what you can offer the world for exchange instead. Do not wonder if you’ll get much more when keeping up to this piece of advice. When you help the others, you help yourself.

  • 4. Value Your Time

    Time is the most valuable resource in the world. So, why do you spend it as if there is an unlimited amount of time in your pocket?

    Think about how long can you live in this world. Even if you live till your 80, this is not much. Do not waste your priceless time in vain. You won’t be able to get it back in the future.

    You can get the lost money back. But not the lost time.

  • 5. Follow Your Own Way

    One’s Own Way

    People look at the others and take them as positive examples. Of course, it is required to learn from the best and to get their experience. But don’t forget that you are not they. You are you.

    No matter how difficult it is, find your own way. Otherwise, you won’t be able to live your full life.

    Don’t be afraid to follow the unknown direction. Go where nobody went before. How will you understand that? People will be confused with your decision, or even will start judging you. This means you are on the right way.

  • 6. Accept Yourself

    Life is unpredictable and unexplainable. Why were you born exactly in this family? Why do you live exactly in this city? Life is a constant “why”. And there will doubtfully be someone able to answer all the questions.

    Instead of living with thoughts “If…” accept your life as it is. If you are where you are, then there is the reason for it. God, Universe, invisible powers. Something or someone brought you to this world. So, if your life wants you to do something, get up and do that.

  • 7. Live Here and Now

    When you live with your past, you concentrate on questions about why it all happened in the certain way. This makes you unhappy. If you live with your future, you constantly worry about things that might happen. This causes unnecessary anxiety.

    You need to live in your present. Be here and now.

    Remember that life doesn’t stand still. You can’t control everything around you. There is no sense to think about everything that happens in your life. Just keep moving forward.

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