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Humans are controlled by their habits. We function that way: do the same actions over and over again because it gives us more comfort. But if to constantly stay in one’s comfort zone they risk to be trapped between psychological barriers which can cause real limitations to appear.

There are 52 weeks in a wear. This time is enough for anyone to test themselves and to grow as a person, to try something new. Novice, especially in the field of creativeness, makes our brains wake up. Here are some interesting ways for you to become better. 10 tips presented by professionals of writing.

  • 1. Read a Book Every Week

    Yes, it is a kind of getting out of a comfort zone for those who read one book in a year. Now you can read 52 book on different topics. This will make your mind open for new ideas, will help you to improve your associative thinking and imagination.

    Read actively: share your impressions, provide a diary, discuss books with your friends.

  • 2. Turn Off Your Gadgets Once a Week

    First, choose one day per week and give yourself a promise. It is difficult to refuse them at work, so choose a day-off.

    Stop being dependent on hi-tech devices. You ask yourself same questions every minute:

    • - What’s going on with my page?
    • - Shouldn’t I picture that and post on Facebook?
    • - Where is my iPad?
    • - Isn’t there a message on my email?

    Listen to yourself: you probably understand that you’ve been trapped into a slavery.

  • 3. Find a New Hobby that Is Connected to Physical Activities

    It can be dancing, yoga, pilates, playing a musical instrument. Anything that will let you get rid of intrusive thoughts. The more you think, the more you need relaxation.

    Many famous people go in for sport not because of their wish or because of fashion. They know that it is required to keep their bodies shaped. That activity helps to think better, too.

  • 4. Clean Your Teeth While Standing on One Foot

    It will make you keep balance and to wonder your brain. How often do you wonder your brain? But be careful and don’t fall down.

  • 5. Try New Recipes

    Cooking is very useful. Especially for those who are rare to do that. Cooking meals is a creative process which can help you think much better.

    There are tens, or even thousands of hundreds of different recipes. The point is not eating, the point is making your brain wonder and work.

  • 6. Make a “Vice Versa Day” Once a Week

    Vice Versa Day

    It is the day when you do almost everything in an unusual way. For instance, on Saturday you are probably to sleep till midday, then you order a pizza, watch a movie and go for a walk in the evening.

    Turn your day upside down: wake up earlier, at 6-7 AM. Have a walk in a park. Visit a theatre and then have a supper in a place where you never had it.

  • 7. Try the Improvisation Club

    This is one of the best ways to get out of your comfort zone and to get self-development possibilities as well. During the improvisation, you’ll try roles of different people and be an active participant of situations which are new for you. It is funny, it helps you develop your creative and artistic abilities.

  • 8. Find Some Successful People and Get Familiar with Them

    You probably think connections to solve many troubles. Have you ever tried to set up useful connections? If you haven’t, then it is time! Use real life and Internet to do that. Ask your friends to help you meet up with someone important.

  • 9. Get on Top of The Mountain

    Mountain Summit

    This is a perfect test for the power of your will, and the way to become a part of the beautiful and unusual adventure. You won’t have a chance to get such emotions anywhere else.

  • 10. Become a Teacher

    You can teach other people something you know well. If you think you know nothing well, then learn something well. Teaching people is a useful experience. It will show you one important thing: no matter what you say, what matters is how other people understand you. 

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