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Creative activities require staying alone, just like their training. It is difficult to think out something more simple and generous for ideas’ creation than a notebook and a pen. The trouble is one: what to write about? English-speaking internet users had even thought out a special term: “writing prompts”. They are what we are going to talk about in this article. From now on, thanks to, you won’t suffer from the question “what to write about?” any more.

List of Topics for Spontaneous Creative Writing

Behind the Window

What is the weather behind the window like right now? If it does not inspire you, then what is the weather you like?

It is rainy, but I don’t like rain. Sunny weather is what I prefer most of all, because there are warm sunrays that pleasantly touch the skin, and the light allowing to see the world around… 


Write about a ship or another transport (train, aerostat). You can write a story as the short adventure.

It all started when we just got into the car. Our route was thought to be short, and we planned to reach the city before dark. Still, there were certain unplanned issues that happened soon after the trip began…


What is for breakfast? For dinner? For supper? Or maybe you want to write about a meeting with an interesting person in the restaurant?

The cafe at the central square of our small town was very popular among its citizens not only due to the place it occupied, but because of its menu, too. Numerous unique dishes offered by an excellent cook tasted really well, and their variety could please even the most demanding gourmets.  

Eye contact

Write about two persons who met each other for the first time in their lives. Think about emotions they feel about each other, the details they notice in their appearance, clothes they wear etc.

Her brown curly hair contrasted his blond one, but their clothes style was quite similar. They both wore black leather jackets and jeans, and that was the reason why they noticed each other in the crowd... 


Write a story about a spaceship headed to the Moon, Mars or other Galaxies. Describe the goal of its mission, its flight through the empty space and/or the moment when the ship finally reaches its final destination point.

It was year 2286. Humanity already had its colonies all over the Solar System, and the unstoppable scientific progress gave mankind its possibility to reach even further. FTL engine was designed, they could test the prototype successfully, and the goal was to reach the Andromeda Galaxy. Nobody knew what to expect. Every human could only have hope and faith…


Choose an animal. Describe it. Write about its behavior, area of inhabitance, population, appearance, etc. Keep an eye on your style.

This is my cat. My cat is amazing. Oh, wait this is about writing, not singing… My cat has a shiny red fur, and is of the greatest lazy-bones in the world, for sure. He can sleep for 18 hours a day…


Write about how it feels to be a friend for a certain person or for somebody in general.

As for me, friendship is in some ways equal to love. It is based on the mutual respect and trust between people who are ready to give their time, energy and resources to each other…


Write a story or a poem that starts from the word “Hello”.

Hello, World!
I’m getting old.
It is so cold.
Oh, my Lord!

The Overhearer

Create a poem, a story or a diary note about the conversation you’d overheard.


Everyone is passionate for something in a certain form. What is something you can’t live without?

I fell being passionate while playing the guitar. Hearing the sound of this musical instrument makes me happy. My music is the way to express feelings and emotions from inside my heart…  

Dictionary Definition

Open the dictionary, and find any random word there. Describe everything that comes to your mind when thinking about this word.

Waffles. Waffles are dishes made from leavened batter or dough cooked between two plates having a special pattern. I don’t like waffles much, but my sister can eat them on a non-stop basis. There are many ways to cook and serve waffles…

The Great Mind

Write about a person you admire because of a beautiful and clever mind of his or her.

People often think about Albert Einstein, Nikola Tesla or Leonardo da Vinci when being asked about great minds they know. I think about my wisest grandma. She was a person who taught my father and then me to love the whole world around, and I feel very thankful about that…


Numbers Story

Write a poem or a story about numbers having special sense for you.

Others may find the number 13 to be awful, bad and non-lucky sign. I was born on Friday, the 13th, so I can’t agree with that point. For me, this number has a completely opposite meaning and properties…


Write about your wanted shopping list. Why did you choose exactly those things to include there? What can they give you?

I’ve wanted to buy a new PC for a long time. My old system is not enough for my needs anymore, as I need it not only to launch the latest video games but to give me the top-level performance in CG-rendering programs. Now, I have a complete part list approved and I’m ready to make my dreams come true…

There are only some of spontaneous writing prompts that one can use in order to practice their writing skills. Anyone is free to write about anything they want, as only that writing can be sincere.

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