Home Sweet Home: What to Write About


Have you ever written about your home? It is a place we spend most our time at, where we have a small talk with our parents and siblings, where we can sit in a complete silence in our own rooms. If you still have no idea what to write about your home, look through these pieces of advice that might be helpful for your paper.

A Bit of Description

It’s better to give a brief description of the house you live in, of its exterior and interior. Keep in mind not to overdo with this, unless the topic or your professor’s instructions require the full description; dedicate a paragraph to it. Be creative: add some emphatic adjectives that will help the reader to imagine what you are writing about, for example, heavy wooden doors, charming bright-blue curtains, etc.

More than Just a Place

The word “home” means not only a building you live in or just a place you go after school or university every day. It is a cross point of all your activities, the place where you can have a rest after a long day and discuss your problems with your relatives. You invite your close friends there; you keep the dearest possessions at home as well. Do not focus on only interior and exterior of your home, but on the inner atmosphere of it. Try to answer these questions: What does it really mean to you? What do you enjoy most of all in it? What do you appreciate about it? Would you like to live there for a long time or start a new life and have a new one? You can also use such questions as arguments, which should be supported by full answers and even examples.

Don’t Forget About People

The people who live with you or even your neighbors make your home as unique as it is. Write about your roommates, parents, and siblings and tell about their “peculiarities” and why they are an inseparable part of your home. You don’t have to mention any “private” things, but you can recall a story that happened to you at home, connected with them. Remember that you should emphasize their connection with the house or apartment you live in.


Changes, Plans and Negative Sides

As it was already mentioned, you can let the reader know about your plans concerning your current home that is whether or not you would like to live there or live the place. You can also extend this paragraph and pay more attention to your plans. For example, if you feel like changing something, be more specific and tell what exactly you want to change and why. In case there are some negative side in a place you live in, do not hesitate to tell about them, because even if it is not positive, it will help you to prove that your home is unique either with its disadvantages or without them.

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