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College and school students usually receive a lot of writing tasks. Most of them cannot deal with the creation of the simplest essay. It is a pity. However, these young people want to receive only good marks. The first thing, which comes to mind, is asking a specific writing company for professional help. Unfortunately, not everyone can afford such services. For most of the students, these things are too expensive. So, they search through the websites to find some good tutorial on how to make a research paper. In the most difficult cases, they have to write an essay on some specific topics. For example, hate crimes or other legal issues. There is no wonder that many teenagers fail this task. Our team tried to compile the most helpful tips for such type of writing in this article.

Definition of the Term

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You should remember that if you work with some specific legal, medical or historical terms, it will be a good idea to explain them clearly in the beginning of your report. Sometimes, it is even a necessity. In our case, we want to focus on hate crimes. This term is not as understandable as it may seem to be at first glance. You can write its definition from a dictionary or your own mind. In plain words, these crimes are those, which were committed because of the racial, gender, national etc. identity of the victim.

The History of the Subject

The next step is explaining the history of the subject, namely hate crimes. You have to mention the most famous cases, when they happened. For example, it may be a Holocaust and mass killing of Jewish people. This event is very famous and there are many resources, where you can get the necessary information. Read some scientific books and researches or watch documentary films. On the other hand, you can write some facts about the Ku Klux Klan, as it is more related to American history. You may search some hate crimes, which happened in your native country in the past. Every place has such a sad page in its history.

Modern Situation

After the explanation of the history of hate crimes, it is time to mention some modern cases. Furthermore, racial or gender discrimination is one of the most important issues nowadays. Thousands of people encounter it every day. This means that this topic is still trendy. Name some recent hate crimes: for example, shooting of an African-American boy by the police. Or you can mention some tendencies in people’s everyday life: usually it is a man who gets a top position in the company while having the same skills and experience as a woman. This is a kind of hate crime, which was made on the basis of gender. On the other hand, you can say that humanity is trying to reduce such events and teach people how to be tolerant and patient to each other.

Methods of Overcoming This Issue

The next chapter of your report should be about the methods of overcoming hate crimes. Think over this topic and decide how humanity can fight against them. Firstly, you should explain that it is a long-lasting process. After that, you have to put down the exact methods how these crimes can be prevented. It may be a kind of strict punishment or other legal methods. In addition, you can mention explaining to people, especially students, to make them aware of the harmfulness of such crimes. It is impossible to build a strong society with discriminations and prejudice. Tell your reader that people should not be divided into groups. All of them are worth to be respected and it does not depend on the skin color or any other personal features.

Add Facts

Do not forget that every research paper should be proved by the real facts. In the case of hate crimes, you can use the statistics. For example, put down the material about the amount of victims of the Holocaust. How many people suffered in this period? How many of us suffer nowadays? There are a plenty of such information on the internet. Keep in mind that these things make your paper trustworthy: this is a necessary feature of a research paper.

Make a Conclusion

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It is essential to make a certain conclusion about the things you mentioned in your report. It makes your paper complete. Try not to copy it from somewhere. Just reread your essay and write down your own thoughts. You can mention the importance of the reducing of the hate crimes and how it will improve the life quality of many people. You should also mention the resources you used at the end of your paper. It will protect you from being blamed for plagiarism.

All in all, you can deal with the writing of a research paper on the topic of hate crimes. It is easy to do thanks to our tips and hints. Just remember about the correct structure and do not use false facts. In addition, you should avoid copying someone else’s papers. It will be quickly detected by any anti-plagiarizing software and you will get a low mark for it. Moreover, the attitude to you will change for the worse.

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