How to Stay Friends at a Distance

Distant Friendship

It seems that modern technologies allow us to support any contacts at any place and any time. But how about those people who decide to go really far and for a long time? Is it possible to save friendship at a distance and not to lose your emotional connection with friends? Our authors tried to answer these questions.

People are constantly looking for changes, new impressions, higher standards of living. Seeking for that, lots of us or our friends leave their homes and move to other cities and countries. And we bet nobody will argue the difficulty of going away from people who are parts of one's life and soul.

One of the most hurtful moments of leaving is the fear of losing old friends. Undoubtfully, there will appear new connections once you arrive to a new place. But old friends and old wine are the best.

Is it possible to keep friendship at a distance if you or your friends decide to move away?

The answer to this question depends on many factors. The main one is your mutual wish to remain friends. If a certain person is really important for you even the longest distances will be no obstacle for you.

How Not to Lose Emotional Connection?

Don't Stop Casual Talking “About Nothing”

It is easy to get away from each other when you are separated by long distances. But it is possible only if you won't share the info. The real friendly connection means light and easy communication, which often consists of small details. You don't even need to find time for writing a letter nowadays. Just tell how you are doing by sending a voice message to your friend.

If you are nearby, you definitely share silly jokes with your friends. The same goes for photos or any life facts which are not that important. If your friend moved to another city or country, nothing really changed here. You still can send your friend anything: jokes, pictures or messages which don't mean that much.

You've got headache? Write your friend about that. There will be the reason to ask them about their life at the same time. Someone brought you flowers? Send your friend a photo. There will be the way to talk about your new admirer. You've found an old photo from a common trip? Send it to your friend and talk about old adventures.

These small things help to keep friendly emotional background for both of you. Next time, it will be much simpler to start a new conversation.

Don't Be Shy of Being the First to Write

Good friendship means both sides being involved. When you are far from each other, forget about light insults. The fact about who is the first to get in touch is not that important. You just may not know about your friend's feelings in a new place at the moment, and your message can be a pleasant and unexpected surprise.

What if a friend does not write you or give you a call? This is not a signal that they have forgotten about you, found someone to replace you or stopped loving you. Sometimes people can simply have no time, energy or any reason to start a conversation. Maybe, your friend comes through difficult times and feels shy of telling that. Remember, resentment is not something that makes your friendship stronger.

Show your initiative, interest in your friend's life. Numerous messengers and social media networks will let you know what your friend feels and what he/she is busy with at the moment, where he/she goes and what impressions he/she has. Be the first to send a message, even if you do that rarely.

Make Surprises, Even If You Are Far from Each Other

Friendly Surprises

Every human needs to know that there are people somewhere far away who remember and love them. And surprises from afar are definitely unexpected. So, don't be lazy and spend some time doing something pleasant for your friend even at a distance.

Modern technologies allow people to make any surprises, no matter what is your and your friend's location at the moment. Your friend is celebrating his/her birthday? Order a bouquet of flowers with the delivery. You miss your common adventures? Make an album with your photos and send it with a courier. You have found any cool present? Buy it on the Internet and order a delivery to your friend's threshold.

You can introduce new traditions as well. For instance, you can send your friend postcards from different places. They are not expensive at all, but it is really pleasant to receive them.

If you can, come to your friend without telling him/her you're coming. It is incredibly amazing to meet a friend who is not expected to be nearby at all.

But don't forget to make sure your friend is in the city before starting your trip.

Don't Forget About Important Dates

We live in the age of social networks, so there is no need to remind yourself when your friend has a birthday. Facebook will give you a message right in time. So, give your friend a call and congratulate them with a holiday. It is always pleasant to hear a person we miss. Five minutes of your time will guarantee you and your friend a perfect mood during the whole day.

Don't feel insulted if your friend forgets to congratulate you. Maybe he/she had a tough week at the office or something bad happened. Write about the important date by yourself, and throw your resentment away. Lots of things in relationships can be fixed. The point is to explain what has happened in time.

Create Group Chats & Conversations

Group dynamics of such chats will help you keep an emotional contact with friends. One head is fine, still more are better. The conversation in a chart starts by itself. If you have common interests, you will have topics to talk about. Group chats help you to keep yourself updated and support your distant relationships.

You can agree on the meeting in a place which is convenient for everybody, too. Common trips to and meetings in other cities are the events which can be remembered for long, and they create a solid foundation for your further relationships.

Friendship and Relationship at a Distance: What is the Difference

Friendship vs. Romance

Friendship is the relationship between people which requires the same as romantic relations do. Still, there is a remark: friends can live in different places and support their contact constantly; or they can stop communicating for months or even years, and then meet up and talk for hours.

Unlike distant romantic relationships, friendly contacts don't make you think where and with whom your friend is at the moment. You don't need to think on a plan of your common life as well.

There is one thing to be sure about: friendship which has proudly survived distance is really strong.

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