5 Delusions Not Allowing You to Be Happy

Delusions on Happiness

There are some wrong thoughts are able to poison your life. Experienced authors of HQessays were asked to collect five most wide-spread delusions. After getting rid of these illusions, you can become much happier.

1. Life Consists of “Good” and “Bad”

People call something they like “good”, and bad are the things they deny or fail to understand. Wasting your life on thinking or arguing about good and bad things is a pointless activity.

“Right” or “Wrong” are just judgments. Things that one can accept can be absolutely odd for another person. Do not try to treat everything categorically. When you follow such thoughts, you make your world only “black-and-white” and take away other colors of life.

Decide on your own if your behavior is effective or not from the point of view of your lawful goals and act according to this decision.

If someone tries to prove that you are wrong, just ask: “What harm do I do to others with my way of life or creed?” If you don’t get a substantial answer, then you just bothered someone’s image of good and bad things. There is nothing to worry about here.

2. Happiness Must Be Deserved

It is a spread delusion that leads a person to being constantly unsatisfied. Many people think that happiness is to be earned by completing the unknown to-do-list. There will come a beautiful day when all the ticks are put and the happiness would come. But something appears to lack here: an amazing career success, ideal family, eternal love, or a bag full of money.

It is important to understand that everyone is born with a right to be happy and there is no need to make special achievements for that.

No external conditions guarantee you calm life and satisfaction.

Find your happiness inside your soul, in small details that bring you joy, in a job that satisfies you. And allow yourself to enjoy your life right now, without looking back at your achievements.

3. People are Divided into “Luckers” and “Losers”

If you think that you are being chased by failures and others are just luckier, then you are trapped in a dangerous delusion.

Failure is not a sign of something being wrong with you. Even the most productive, outstanding, and happy people suffer failures, too. The point is not to put negative stickers on yourself and to go on working.

Be careful with any negative statements about yourself: they can grow into complexes or create emotional barriers.

Remember that it is important to know the difference between your personality and your activities. Failure is just a mistake in a work or relations, and not the indicator of something being wrong with you.

4. It is Not Allowed to Disappoint Others

It is not good to live constantly looking back at other people. Try to spend at least a week trying to please absolutely everyone. Most likely, it will squeeze you off awfully.

Whatever you do, someone likes it and someone doesn’t. Take constructive criticism into account and ask for an advice if needed. But do not put your life on going along with someone’s standards or to avoid insulting others.

Does it matter what your relatives think about your partner? What’s the point of choosing your profession only according to your parents’ wishes? You won’t get any bonuses by following someone else’s expectations and wishes. The only thing you’ll do is wasting your time for something you don’t feel interested in and for people you don’t really like.

5. Happy Person is Always in a Good Mood

Happy Sad Person

Magazines and books advise to stay “positive”, but this does not mean you have to be in a good mood during 24 hours a day. Life wouldn’t be life without conflicts, anger, fear, and sadness. You can shape your character in order to make these emotions not too destructible, but you don’t have to try to exclude all your negative feelings.

Feelings receive stickers, just like other events in your life. Joy – good, anger – bad. In fact, all emotions have equal meanings. It is not worth trying to push them deep inside your soul and keeping them behind a mask of a permanent good mood.

Know your emotions, live them through, ask yourself questions, and spill your thoughts onto paper. Find place and time for sadness and happiness. Indians say that there would be no rainbow in your soul if there were no tears in your eyes. 

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