Decision Fatigue: How to Deal with It?

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If earlier humans had to choose between two pairs of shoes and three TV-channels, it all had changed nowadays. When visiting a supermarket, you lose your consciousness completely. In addition to marketing tricks, the reason is your tiredness of making decisions.

Think, how many times a day do you make decisions? Even if you are unemployed and not having any relationship, there can be hundreds of decisions during the day. As a result:

  • You get tired of making decisions;
  • There appears a wish not to take any decision at all;
  • Quality of your decision lowers;
  • You start buying impulsively;
  • Your self-regulation level decreases.

By the way, “decision fatigue” is the really existing term beyond psychologists. How to fight it? Here are some effective ways, presented by essay writers who were tired of making decisions.

  • 1. Make Main Decisions in the Morning

    Tiredness is tiredness, it has the ability to increase with time. So, decide in the morning, but not right after your awakening. Take a shower, have a breakfast, meditate and prepare for work first. Devote some time to decision-making specially.

  • 2. Choose the Simpler Option

    If you are not specially concentrated on your diet and understand nothing in counting calories and protein contents, you shouldn’t waste your time to decide if you should buy pork or chicken meat.

    In a word, you can often concentrate on decision-making so much, that you don’t see obvious truth: both decisions are good. Or there is no any serious difference between them. Designers recommend men to buy 100 pairs of similar socks and not to think about them for a couple years. Businessmen buy tens of similar shirts and do not worry about looking the same every day.

  • 3. Less Variants

    Three variants are the best for any situation. Two are not enough, because humans can like differences which often are critical.

    Psychologists say number “three” to be magical in cases when you propose something to another person, too. This works in restaurants, party propositions, weekend supper choice, etc.

  • 4. Become a Minimalist

    Great people wear simple clothes (it is enough to mention Steve Jobs and his sneakers, shirt and jeans) not because of their image, but because they make such a big quantity of decisions during their lives they know about decision fatigue personally. They don’t want to deal with choosing clothes to wear.

    Think about your life and things it is filled with. Maybe you’ve got two phones, three computers, eight pairs of shoes and ten kinds of tea. Sometimes diversity is great. But in most cases, it just drives you mad, because when you choose something, you reject something else.

  • 5. You Better Do Your Job Than Do It Perfectly

    There is such a job in your life that has to be done perfectly. It takes 5% of all your tasks. So, please, do remaining 95% of tasks well, not perfectly. You probably know procrastination to be the second name of perfectionism.

  • 6. Get Rid of Irritants

    Or at least have minimum of them. You can work in a noire and during another people’s presence, but you don’t have to. If there is a possibility, why shouldn’t you put earplugs on and go to another room? At least, you certainly can switch the sound of your smartphone off.

    The less irritants you feel, the better you think and the better your decisions are. Pure mind means no stress, and this is what allows humans to be productive.

  • 7. If Something is Not on Your Task-List, Don’t Do That


    Human is often worried if they lose something or no. And if to reject the proposition, a lot can be lost. But is it so? How often did you get much once you followed a moment of wish?

    Learn to say “No”. Lots of productivity experts think this tip to be the most important one. Remember, any of your “yes” kills some points of your to-do-list. Don’t cheat on yourself.

  • 8. Make Your First Decision Work

    Once you awake in the morning and made a decision: start acting immediately. Yes, there are tasks that can’t be solved without having the requires instruments, but there is a requested minimum you can do for sure.

    These tips will help not only to those who are tired with decision-making, but everyone who wants to stop feeling stressed and improve their life quality. 

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