Writing Essays About the Death Penalty: Ideas to Cover

Death Penalty

Here are some ideas what to write in an essay about the capital punishment. We propose you to include three parts into your work: a short introduction to your topic, three sections and conclusions. In the first part, you can write about the great significance of this topic and the main problems that you want to cover in your essay. In the two main sections, you can write about the positive and the negative side of this phenomenon, as well as arguments on why to stay neutral. Mention the widely known examples from real historical events and express your own attitude to this process. To finish, give a brief overview of the main statement of your topic. If you want to see a perfect example of a paper written as per your instructions, order a custom essay with using our service! We have checked the ideas on the web on death penalty issue and we see that we still have something to add.


The question of the judicial murder is a fierce topic of discussion in the American States. George Kendall became the first man, who was killed as a result of the introducing of this judicial murder. It took place at the beginning of the 16th century, in the British settlement named Jamestown. That man was a secret agent for Spain. President Lincoln in 1862 carried out an execution of 32 Native Americans for taking part in murders during the events of the Dakota War. During the last three centuries, many offenders were sentenced to death. The twenty-first century shows that the government of America is one out of few governments, where the judicial murder, administered to someone legally convicted of a capital crime, is nowadays present. Thus, is it possible for such a democratic country still to use severe methods of penalty, which are lacking human quality of compassion?

Undermining Authority

Protecting Rights

America is regarded in the whole world as a country, that protects respect for human rights, political and religious freedoms, as well as freedom of the press for its citizens. Thus, still having a law that allows the severe capital punishment is regarded as inhuman and cruel, barbarous and heartless, and, no doubt, undermines the authority of its country. As a great example, one can mention the case of an American domestic terrorist Timothy James McVeigh, who was executed for the cruelest terrorist act in the history of this democratic country. His crime was proved and he did not show any token of regret. He blew up a federal building in Washington. As a result, more than 160 innocent people passed away. All people who were against the severe killing of the culprits considered the matter over and came to a conclusion that such a crime could not feel drawn to McVeigh. Consequently they were disturbed that such a case distracted the attention of the public from the huge gap in the court system of the United States of America. Even the Bishop of Rome wrote a letter to the president, asking him not to administer this cruel punishment on that man but this did not persuade him to change his mind.

Cons of Punishment

Deep Roots

The public opinion poll notified that two-thirds of Americans said that such kind of punishment is a good way to be inflicted on terrorist and murderers. The practice of the death penalty is deeply rooted in the politics of this country. Nevertheless, there are still some reasons for such attitude of people towards this question. Firstly, the existence of the capital punishment makes people afraid of committing a crime. If a culprit considers a possibility of being sentenced to the death penalty, he will think thouroughly, if it is worth or not to take such risks. Secondly, people have nothing against killing very cruel murders. Somebody, who kills a big amount of people, deserves to be severely killed. And the biggest advantage of this severe punishment is that it serves as a great warning to those people, who are willing to mimic violent behaviour, taking part in the terrorist acts, jeopardizing the people's security and well-being.

To finish, you can write that there are still states, where the death penalty still exists. Write your own opinion, if you support this kind punishment or not. If you are not an ardent supporter of this punishment, say that you are with those 20 states, that did not line up to support for it and you appreciate values of respecting the right to live for every person, accepted almost within the whole world. Still, if you strongly support this kind of cruel punishment, you can say that sentencing to the legal killing of the culprits, who have committed the severe crimes against mankind, such as murder, keeps people in safety, diminishing the rate of criminality in our world.

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