Writing Exercises for Creativity

Writing process is extremely important for the development of one’s creativeness and the ability to think. In order to learn how to express one’s thoughts on a paper, exercises are required. They will help to get rid of self-justification, inner filters and barriers. Try something of the list mentioned below. Exercises are certified by our authors.

  • 1. Three Questions

     Writing Questions

    This exercise will require you to answer three questions in order to stimulate your creative thinking. Questions themselves may refer to your environment, or jut appear in your head. You are free to think out your own questions, but here are some examples.

    Write anything you think about.

    Example 1:

    • What flew by the window?
    • Why did they cry?
    • What are they doing?

    Example 2:

    • Who is Ethan?
    • Why is he glad?
    • What is he going to do after?

    Example 3:

    • What is underneath your house at 1 mile deep below?
    • How can it be used?
    • How can it harm someone?
  • 2. Compose a Letter to Yourself-From-The-Past

    Decide how many years past you want to come back. It can be your childhood, youth, adult years. You can give yourself an advice, support, explain, excuse or feel glad about something. You can simply show yourself what you’ve achieved years later, too.

    You can go away from past yourself and to write a letter to a stranger. What do you want to tell?

  • 3. Write About Something You’re Good At

    Everyone is good at something. It can be something global (knowing three different languages), and something small (the skill of washing the dishes). Remember, it doesn’t matter what you choose to write about. The point is the process because of itself.

    Experiment with a style of your text: post-modern, classic, official. First-person or third-person: “John Doe completes his task perfectly – he wakes up every single morning. We all thank him for that.” It can be even Tarantino’s dialogue.

  • 4. Use A Mind-Flow

    Flow of Mind

    This is the easiest and the funniest exercise, as it doesn’t need you to think and process anything. You just take a pen and a piece of paper, and start writing. Write anything.

    Write about what’s happening around, how was your day, about any famous person or historical event. If you don’t know what to write about, write that: “Well, I have no idea what to write about”. Then develop this idea: “Why have I got nothing to say? Probably, the reason is in me reading not enough books. That is why…” Or you can choose a random word from a dictionary and to create a topic as well.

    Decide how long do you want the exercise to take you, and don’t stop until time runs out.

  • 5. Play Someone’s Role

    What a space for your imagination! If you know history well, then become any historical person on a particular day: Abraham Lincoln on the day he was murdered, Martin Luther King on the day when his famous speech was claimed.

    Think the way that person would do, get yourself into particular conditions. Look onto the situation with that person’s eyes.

    If you didn’t like the situation, then choose another one. Read the Wikipedia article about any great person, and choose any situation from their biography.

  • 6. Write About Someone Who Changed Your Life

    There is to be such a person. Moreover, it can be a stranger you’ve seen during few seconds of your life, but he or she demonstrated qualities you always wanted to get for your personality.

    If you have a wife or a child, then why not to write about them? You’ve never done that before, for sure. Just remember, this text shouldn’t be seen by anyone else.

  • 7. Describe Your Environment

    Writer and Environment

    Not only things around, but people’s behavior as well. Your relative entered the kitchen and then left it right away. What could that mean? Think out an interesting or absurd version of the event. Keep a balance between reality and fantasy by mixing truth and metaphors.

Have a good luck!

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