Research Essay About Conspiracy Theories: 4 Incredible Ideas

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Before we start our discussion, let’s agree that our main task is to research into the history of several different conspiracy theories and to describe them. We are not going to prove whether they can be considered as true or false.

Have I just disappointed you? Did you expect to reveal the mysteries? My apologies. Yet, believe me, that’s for your own good. One day you may write a dissertation that will either prove or debunk one of the theories. So, my mission in this post is just to provide you with some fresh food for thought.

No statements you could eagerly support or deny. No evidence of trustworthiness of any conspiracy theory. Naked facts only. After all, what could be better?

Some Ideas About Global Warming Conspiracy

Even if you have not written an essay on the issue of global warming yet, you will definitely be assigned it. So, let me throw out to you a few compelling ideas which can help you approach such topic from a very unusual angle.

Also known as “climate change skepticism”, this theory denies the scientific opinion on the extent, impact, and potential of global warming. Simply put, the supporters of such denial argue that nothing has actually happened to the climate of the planet Earth since humanity started to use all those various technologies. The main reason why all around the world many scientists, politicians, and writers keep talking about this issue lies in certain political and, probably, monetary motives of the world’s leaders.

Some Ideas About Weather-Controlling Conspiracy

Horrible heat and destructive earthquakes of the latest years are said to be…created by people! To be more precise, by a very close circle of highly intelligent people. So, yes, it is rumored that the weather can be controlled by special devices and that all those weather anomalies mere mortals have to face nowadays are just another way to fight a war.

The so-called High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program (please let me call it simply HAARP below), which was started in 1990 and said to be shut down in 2014, is the main hero of today’s conspiracies. HAARP is claimed to be a secret weapon that was used to generate large-scale “natural” catastrophes in Pakistan, Turkey, Greece, and some other countries.

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Some Ideas About the Theory of False History

I can’t but quote Winston Churchill here, as history is really written by the victors. So, what if all your History classes, all those History essays you had to write so often, – just everything…was…in vain… Because textbooks tell tales, because our teachers are kept on blissful ignorance…

That sounds quite pathetic, I know. But that is what is actually stated by the phantom time hypothesis or by the New Chronology theory. If the first hypothesis was offered by a German author, Heribert Illig, the second theory takes its roots from the works of Jean Hardouin, who lived in the 17th century.

Illig supports his hypothesis by some obvious inaccuracies in Gregorian and Julian calendars as well as in the astronomical year. Besides, he highlighted the scarcity of archeological evidence and the imperfection of its analysis.

Jean Hardouin, in his turn, followed great medieval thinkers as Baruch Spinoza and Thomas Hobbes, who were well known for making the first efforts to identify inaccurate or even mistaken datings and attributions of Church writings.

Some Ideas About Man-Made Diseases

You know, every time I come across the news about how much money another new blockbuster cost its director, I can’t get rid of a thought that this money could have been given to cure people of such terrible diseases as cancer, Parkinson’s disorder, or even HIV.

However, if the first two diseases I’ve just listed can be considered as “natural”, HIV and AIDS have been recently reported to be artificially created by scientists. And why should film directors donate money to treat those who were artificially infected? Never mind.

Returning to our topic, it is interesting that along with such statement there appeared the belief defined as HIV/AIDS denialism. Most of its adherers don’t deny the fact that the two viruses exist, but say that HIV isn’t the main cause of AIDS. Some of the denialists, however, even claim that HIV doesn’t exist at all.

Some of the brightest denialists’ arguments state that HIV does not meet the four Koch’s postulates (which maintain the relationship between a bacterium and a disease it causes) and that HIV testing is not accurate. Scientists and doctors, in their turn, are stating that the denialists do not understand the features of the virus and the mechanisms of testing properly. Still, time will show who is right today.

You are welcome to use these ideas to write your research essay. Just remember that you should stay unbiased and provide valid evidence for any argument you raise. Good luck!  

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