How to Gain Confidence authors know that gaining self-confidence takes time. You can’t change the system of your views, to become aware about your real values and goals and to get new knowledge in a day or a month. Those who feel that they need to increase their self-confidence, are to create a strategical plan of self-development to reach that goal.

Confident person

Still, it sometimes turns out that way, human needs confidence here and now. Here are some examples:

  • Important presentation in the university;
  • Job interview;
  • Date;
  • Serious exam.

In situations like that, lack of self-confidence can be the reason of a local catastrophe. There is a possibility to use one or several ways right before events like that. They will not make you confident forever (if to practice them only once), but they can be useful for any particular case.

1. Strong Pose

On TED conference in 2012, psychologist Amy Caddy, based on researches, explained that human’s internal power can create their confidence and make them stronger. Here is what you need to do:

  • Stand straight;
  • Relax your shoulders and put them down;
  • Increase the occupied space (at least in your thoughts);
  • Keep your head high.

If there is an interview or important talk expecting you, stand like that during 1-2 minutes before them. This is how you can become more sure of yourself and make good and solid impression.

Other “strong poses” can be easily found in the web. You can watch Tony Robbins’s performances as well.

2. Listen to the Bass

In cases when you want to feel yourself powerful and strong, listen to the music which definitely is powerful and strong. The research, provided by Adam Galinsky and Dennis Hsu shows bass music to be able to make people feel themselves more confident.

Research participants were divided into two groups. For one half of them, researchers turned on the music with high level of bass, and the other half listened to the music with low bass levels.

All the participants had to insert missing words into a text (on their choice) while listening to music. Researchers found out, that a group of high bass used words connected to power and might more often. Even after music stopped playback, they continued looking for “strong” words.

Here are the strongest songs from a research:

  • «We Will Rock You» by Queen;
  • «Get Ready for This» by 2 Unlimited;
  • «In Da Club» by 50 Cent;

3. Choose Clothes

Researchers mentioned above found out about the direct influence of clothes onto human’s feelings. Here are two examples:

  • When research participants worn a white robe of a scientist or a doctor, they made twice less mistakes in the attention test than those wearing everyday clothes;
  • If an official suit is a symbol of power for you, then you will feel yourself powerful and confident while wearing it.

Ask yourself: “What clothes do I associate with power and confidence?” And wear it every time you need to increase your self-confidence.

4. Find Your Right Perfume

Science says perfumes are able to make you more confident, too. Here are what two researches showed:

  • The research, which results were published in “Cosmetic Sciences” magazine, showed that men who used perfumes demonstrated their self-confidence and self-esteem increased.
  • In another research, 90% of all women who passed through tests during aroma researches, said that they feel more confident when they smell with a particular perfume.

The point is next: find an aroma that you like, and use it every time when you need to be confident about yourself.

5. Use Strong Thoughts

When you need to gain confidence during a couple of seconds, quickly remind yourself about a situation when you acted confidently and decisively.

According to the research, published in a “Journal of Experimental Social Psychology”, reminding yourself about the moment when you were really strong makes you feel yourself more confident and act like that as well.

6. Keep Up to the Ritual

Rituals, even simple ones, can be amazingly effective in increasing your productivity and lowering your anxiety level. And they can make you more confident.

If a human uses a ritual before doing something that requires much bravery (a public speech, for instance), he or she worries significantly less. The ritual can be simple. For instance, drink a cup of tea while reading positive affirmations, and then making some calming exercises for your breath.

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