How to Get Out of a Comfort Zone

Comfort Zone

Is it time to get out of your comfort zone and to gain more form your life?

The most people spend much of their time staying in their comfort zone. While being there, they all know what to do and what to expect.

Here are some points describing the “comfort zone” of a person, no matter who you are: a student, a worker, an essay writing author or a chief of a big company.

  • It is a psychological, emotional and behavioral construction;
  • It is something you know and feel safe in: your usual habits and activities;
  • In a comfort zone, a person feels low level of stress and anxiety;
  • It is where risk tends to mean “zero”.

There is nothing bad in spending some time in your zone of comfort. Everyone needs time to relax and just “be”. The problem begins when it all lasts for too long and you stop following your goals, stop challenging yourself, lose possibilities and become too self-confident.  

The only way to grow up, to create your possibilities and to reach what you can reach is to get out of your comfort zone. This is where real life begins.

How can you get out of it? Well, here are some ways that can fit someone:

  • Meeting new people;
  • Public speeches;
  • Learning new skills;
  • Travelling;
  • Own business;
  • Introduction of any changes to life.

Here are some more extended tips from experienced and successful writers.

1. Use “Onboarding”

Onboarding is about making a player to make first steps in a new game. Some recommendations on that:

  • It has to be very simple. The onboarding task has to be completed easily and to cause no difficulties.
  • A person has to feel clever and competent;
  • When the player does everything correctly, the reward expects them.

Use same principles when trying to get out of your comfort zone:

  • Make a first step. It should be totally simple. For instance, if you think on starting to visit a gym, let creating a list of gyms available in your neighborhood be your first step;
  • Assume that you completed that step perfectly;
  • Reward yourself for getting even slightly out of your zone of comfort.

2. Use Designer’s Way of Thinking

Your goal is to create a prototype, while knowing it is totally simplified. Then receive feedback, improve a product and create another prototype based on that data. After some prototypes you will get a thing to be proud of.

The same thing works when you want to do something that lies beyond your comfort. Think about prototypes. For example, if you want to start providing a blog, do next:

  • Launch the blog and write your first post there. Then publish it;
  • Share the news in social media and get some feedback;
  • Write one more post to your blog, where a part of received feedback is;
  • Gain more feedback;
  • Go on improving your posts until your blog becomes successful.

3. Feel Comfortable in Discomfort

Definitely, everything that is beyond your comfort zone lies in the area of your discomfort. What do you have to feel every time you enter that area? Right, discomfort. But keep in mind, that discomfort is not the sign of you doing something wrong. It means you try something new, another.

4. Use Progressive Approach

In gamification, there is something called boss battle. That is the epic challenge that usually marks the end of one journey and the beginning of another one. When it comes to exit from your comfort zone, the final goal you try to reach is the boss battle.

The game never starts from boss level. It starts from easy and average rivals instead. Then, the plot leads you to the boss progressively. The progressive way consists of quest series, where each quest is a bit more difficult than the previous one. There is a possibility to have a rest after each small quest. Then, as the player gains more experience and skill in the game through completing those quests, boss level expects them to come.

Use the same progressive approach when it comes to leaving your zone of comfort. Instead of taking a big challenge at once, proceed to it slowly by completing small tasks which become more and more difficult.

5. Increase Your Self-Esteem

Self-Esteem Comfort Zone

One of the reasons why people stay in their comfortable zones is that, they feel themselves unable to be successful beyond it. This means, they lack self-confidence. Remember the last time you got out of there and reached the wanted result. Those minutes were worth many hours of being in your comfort zone, weren’t they?

6. Use 3C

Psychologists explain they’ve found three instruments that help people to get out of their comfort zones successfully. They name those instruments as “3C”. Here are they:

  • Conviction;
  • Customization;
  • Clarity.

Conviction means you starting to get new knowledge incredibly fast, gaining much more that you used to before leaving your zone of comfort.

Customization is about preparation, thinking and making a plan before leaving a comfort zone.

Clarity means that you don’t have any white noise or negative thoughts in your mind. You are calm and relaxed, because you know what to expect. The ability to feel well in non-standard situations is a very useful skill. 

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